It's Coming Right At Us

Hubble Space Telescope Eaten By Shoggoth


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  1. In further occult news, the discovery of dark matter patterns has led high priests to refine earlier prophecies, concluding that the Old Ones will in fact return "when the clumps are right".

  2. strspn says:

    I am disgusted by astronomers who care so much about far-away stars and not close planets. At least this one shows that they finally care about all the dark matter which was discovered after the cononical big bang cosmology age of the universe had been announced from redshipft numbers. Does that bother anyone but me? I suppose the steady-statists and the brane theorists have moved past that embarrassment without having to re-open the worm can.

    I note that Europe continues to beat the shit out of USA because among other things, the Terrestrial Planet Finder people couldn't keep from being mothballed for almost the entirety of the Bush presidency even after they tried dumbing it down for him.

    What NASA should have done was come up with a new interpretation of The Book of Revelations which says that armegeddon is actually about what happens to Earth after the chosen ones leave on 500-year, 500-person generation starships, and not a land war in Asia, and then bribe the "Focus on the Family" Dobson guy and that gay pastor in Colorado springs to tell all the fundies.

    • Wow, you are an idiot in so many ways.

    • gfish says:

      Exoplanets are pointless. We could find a completely habitable Earthlike planet at Alpha Centauri and it would do us absolutely no good. We couldn't even get an instrument package there within 10,000 years. The only result from such a discovery at all would be to make Fermi's Paradox all the more paradoxical.

      • sherbooke says:

        10,000 years? Not that far then. Earth-like planets give us the hope that the earth is not just a random, one-off example. It would be a start on solving the paradox empirically. Then again, maybe you're an avid Firefly fan? Me, I'm holding out for the mice and the dolphins.

      • strspn says:

        I disagree. The Russians could probably get a robot there to send back pictures in 400 years if they spent 50 setting it up. That assumes that Russia could be stable for 50 years, but it seems pretty stable now. Maybe too stable.

    • lordshell says:

      Waiting for NASA to do anything useful is pointless. They've sucked since the mid-seventies. Nothing now but a constant dog & pony show to get their budget renewed for their shitty space shuttle.

      If you want to get out into space, look elsewhere than the government to do it.

      • strspn says:

        Sure, find me a business tycoon trying to make a good list of destinations who isn't playing with carbon non-neutral chemicals. Or a Republican fundamentalist who knows how to integrate wave shapes, from any of the Bronze-age myths. But don't give up on NASA because I hear they may be hiring again.

        • lordshell says:

          How about a business tycoon interested in capturing a NEO asteroid for mining rights? How about solar power satellites? A space-based antimatter production facility? (Because one would most certainly not want one anywhere near earth.)

          Space will be exploited when it's profitable. Until then, I'll just watch NASA flounder.

  3. Oh, no! Alert the Xeelee!

  4. tenzintogden says:

    V-ger wants to unite with the creator.