It's almost like the future

Blue Origin Goddard:

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26 Responses:

  1. sc00ter says:

    What is this? Real life lunar lander?

  2. dougo says:

    I can hear Jeff Bezos laughing in triumph from here.

  3. ctd says:

    This is so exciting - perhaps one day we will be able to put a monkey in orbit!

  4. ultranurd says:

    Is it just me, or did the countdown guy speed up in the middle?

    • korgmeister says:

      Yeah I noticed that too. Not sure what the deal is with that.

      • doctorfedora says:

        I chalk it up to "poor rhythm due to crushing whiteness"

        • korgmeister says:

          Well, yeah the website and launch party described did seem like a gigantic Texan festival of overpowering whiteness.

          Oh well, fuck it. We invented drum machines for that shit.

  5. fanf says:

    I watched the horizontal view from under the aircraft. What no curved horizon?

  6. lars_larsen says:

    I want one. I could blow off some barn doors with one of those things :)

  7. baconmonkey says:
  8. mackys says:

    Their website and job posting aren't giving away much. They claim they want someone who knows cryogenic propellants (LOX/H) and RP-1 (kerosene) and peroxide. Don't tell me they're doing a QUAD propellant rocket engine!

    • treptoplax says:

      My understanding is they were using Peroxide or Peroxide/RP-1 now because it's easy and gives them reasonable engines so they can work on flight control etc., but want to migrate to LOX/? for better performance eventually.

  9. wikkit42 says:

    Armadillo's Pixel was more impressive, and has a better flight record. Monoprop is for pussies.

    • mister_borogove says:

      Much more importantly, Armadillo has decent-quality MPEGs of their development vehicles flipping over in mid-test and smashing into little pieces.

      • mister_borogove says:

        Hm, they seem to be using WMVs now, but hey.

        • wikkit42 says:

          He uses WMVs for specific occasions, depending on things like aspect ratio. I talked with him for a while earlier this year, and I cornered the most of the Armadillo crew at a party and talked with them for about an hour. The one Blue Origin guy I've met, in comparison, was not very talkative, though he bought me dinner.

          I hope Blue Origin eventually puts up the video of the flight when theirs crashed. It's interesting how much press they've gotten on this release, when all it's done is shown that they're a year or more behind Armadillo and on the exact same development track.

        • wikkit42 says:

          Oh, and I finally got Elon Musk to say how much he'd put into SpaceX as of a year ago, I wonder if I can manage that with Bezos.