grim bunnymeat future.

Fat German Rabbits to Feed Poor: Monster Bunnies For North Korea.

North Korea's Idolization - 40% of National Budget.

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19 Responses:

  1. And yet it appears they spend none of that money on web design.

  2. j_v_lynch says:

    Of course, you can still starve to death if you eat nothing but rabbit.

  3. scullin says:

    It's a very nice use of wide angle lens to over-emphasize the point. While 20lbs is a hefty bunny, it's not really small child size as the photos would imply.

    Photographing rabbits with a wide angle lens is a proud internet tradition, however.

  4. 7ghent says:

    Bunnies are delicious.

  5. decibel45 says:

    So long as they have their priorities straight...

  6. I've seen how this movie ends with thousands of rabbits dying on electrified train rails...

  7. mackys says:

    So, uh, can anyone do 40% of $17 in their head? ;]

  8. sherbooke says:

    Why isn't the farmer riding that bunny ... no, wait ...

    Of course, what North Korea *really* needs is an invasion by the Axis of Evil's favourite friend.

  9. kimberley66 says:

    OMG that is a MUTANT. . . . Bacon is better :)

  10. Jimmy Carter better be careful next time he visits North Korea, especially if he decides to go fishing...

  11. daruku says:

    Luck rabbit's feet!

  12. I just keep thinking of the size of the pancake you could put on that thing.