A litle less nitrous next time



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  1. How does my peering up at this help my situation at all?

    Dentists are the second most miserable people of all... right after Telemarketers.

  2. O_o shit... this is worse than clowns.

  3. tfofurn says:

    "The doctor wants your mouth to look just like mine, so let me clean those two in front, then we'll get the pliers to take care of the rest. Just sit back and relax."

  4. jp_larocque says:

    The creepy masks and the .. dental utensils are enough to draw comparisons with Brazil.

  5. chaoskitty says:

    My boy showed me this a couple days ago. I was going to show it to you knowing it would be something you'd love but I was confident that you would come across it on your own in time.

    it's chilling really.

  6. retardotron says:

    I can't stop imagining that thing spattered in blood.

  7. ultranurd says:

    Am I crazy in thinking that she stole Spongebob Squarepants' mouth?

  8. scullin says:

    The overall effect would be more solid if the latex glove only had three fingers.

  9. Hah!....I have to fight the giggles looking at this...(And not because of nitrous). This mask speaks to my experiences as a fifteen year old dental assistant trainee. My first job was in a dental office. (I don't know if I broke any laws - I was told it was okay as long as I didn't use metal tools).
    When I wasn't sterilizing instruments, running x-rays, cleaning and restocking fluoride - I got to use the SUCKER. No one has ever told me if there is a technical name for this wonderful torture device. I hated the SUCKER. It is far more difficult to use properly than the common patient will ever know. With snappy rubber gloves and a huge face mask and glasses, my expressions felt impenetrable. I wondered if anyone could tell if I was smiling, laughing silently, or ....in the worst of cases grimacing. The SUCKER was a delicate balance between letting people drown in their own saliva, or poking their cheeks and tongue in an obtrusive and often hilariously shocking way. Everything would be going fine, the patient smiling, and then "SSSSSSSMMMMMMUUUUUUUUGGGLLLLKKK....SQUiK!" And I would feel this awful sense of hilarity grip me. I could control my eyes. I could keep myself from shaking with laughter, but what I could not control was my smile. I always found myself grateful that it was hidden under a mask.

    Thanks for the post, it brings back the good times.

  10. kimberley66 says:

    I think fangs might be more appropriate since their sucking loads of $$$ from your wallet :p

    • lars_larsen says:

      As I always tell people "There is no dental procedure more painful than paying the bill".

    • It's good to take care of the people who could easily slip and harm you. Also, when you get a filling, or any sort of procedure (x-rays, fluoride,etc) - the companies that supply the materials jack up the prices that the dentists must pay in order to work on your teeth. Not to mention the cost of clean up chemicals, latex or other gloves, face masks, and all kinds of weird things I may have forgotten. I certainly didn't see any of that money. I made around 4.75 an hour, being a kid, and it being my first job. And my dentist well, I have no idea what he made - but I do know he continued to work well into his 70's - a time when most people with money would retire. Perhaps he loved his job...I hated it.

  11. sleipnir_ says:

    That, is just disturbing

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