DNA Lounge: Wherein we engage in video archaeology.

Here's some ancient history: David Paul sent me links to video from a couple of events he produced at DNA Lounge in the early 90s: House of Pain, "Jump Around", Jun 1992, and Invisbl Skratch Picklz, Feb 1994.

(Cypress Hill's official video for Insane in the Brain was also filmed at DNA Lounge, in 1993. Check out the Keith Haring mural on the walls and ceiling of the upstairs lounge in the background of the head-shots in that video. The previous owners just painted over that. We uncovered bits and pieces of it during construction, but never enough to save.)

I hadn't looked before, but there are (unsurprisingly) a bunch of random camphone DNA videos to be found on Youtube by searching for either "dna lounge" or "dnalounge".

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