Pre-Pixelated Clothes for Reality TV

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  1. lars_larsen says:

    I don't wear clothing with logos because I feel they should pay me for being a walking billboard for their brand. This is nothing short of brilliant.

  2. greatbiggary says:

    That guy is simply teeming with great ideas. I followed your Godzilla building link through to the rest of his blog, and lost about 2 hours of my night, yet gained 3 hours of joy.

  3. edouardp says:

    Dear Americans, please explain to me why everything in reality shows is pixelated?

    This seems like a recent trend. Actaully I first saw it on hip-hop music videos 4 or 5 years ago, and it seem to be spreading everywhere now. Like, oh, every sitcom and drama on TV has characters using Apple laptops, with a sticker over the logo.

    What's the story?

    • lars_larsen says:

      If you see a brand logo in a TV or movie that company has PAID to have it shown. If you don't pay up, you get the pixels. The reverse is true, you can sue a company for showing your logo without permission. It may seem stupid, but sometimes they want to keep their brand "pure". I doubt a family-friendly brand wants their logo shown on the sopranos while they're chopping someone up with a machete.

      HBO and Showtime are becoming so horribly entrenched in product placement that the characters TALK about products in the same way you hear people talking about them in commercials. Its one long commercial that you PAY to see.

  4. I'm going to start a company and have its logo look like a pixelated version of some other logo. Then when my products show up on reality shows, they'll have to de-pixelate the image or I'll sue 'em. Muahaha, millions I tell you, etc.