My Little Cthulhu

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6 Responses:

  1. deviant_ says:

    The hands. They look like Lego hands.

    Be still, my beating heart.

    • antifuchs says:

      The best thing about the Lego hands is that (at least it looks like that from the pictures) the people dolls fit in there.

      My little bone-chewing great old one!

  2. klarfax says:

    That is awesome, such a cute Cthulhu.

  3. fantasygoat says:

    It's insane how much the guys who design vinyl toys make. There was one "limited edition" done recently that was $600 and sold out in five minutes.

    It's cool, but would you actually buy it?

  4. ex_sonjaaa says:

    Cuuuuuute! Mi volas.