I, for one, approve this message.

The Godzilla Building - Artist's Rendition

A building shaped like Godzilla.

The people of Tokyo should construct a giant building shaped like Godzilla. Imagine what it would do to the city's skyline, and to the tourism industry. People would come from all over to take pictures. His eyes could flash red so airplanes don't hit him. There could be an observatory in his mouth so people could look out over Tokyo. One of his arms could house a bar, and the other arm a restaurant. They could serve drinks called Mothra Martinis and dishes like Grilled Gamera Steaks, with a side of Mashed Potatoes.


17 Responses:

  1. fantasygoat says:

    Why this doesn't already exist I'll never understand.

  2. autodidactic says:

    You could open another nightclub in the feet.

  3. pezking124 says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

  4. insomnia says:

    I suspect that Godzilla's splayed legs would run a strong risk of being seismically unfit and falling over at the kneecaps at the first major earthquake, like the Colossus of Rhodes.

    Perhaps the Japanese would need to design Godzilla to essentially float on top of giant rubberized kneecaps...

  5. insomnia says:

    Maybe they should just design a giant Katamari instead...

  6. jamie_f says:

    It's nice to know that the hordes of fanciful-Apple-future-product hoaxers are branching out into new areas of desirable yet impractical and extremely unlikely speculation.

  7. OH MY GOD YES!!!! YES! (It'll never ever happen.)

    P.S. "Gamera is turtle meat!" and a friend to children (and he might be self cooking? sparks? eh? mebbe?)

  8. razor_dolly says:



    id go.

    stupid japanese.
    what are they *thinking* not building one?!


  9. owen says:

    My friend's reaction: "You'd better hope they build that building with a strong foundation. Strong enough to stop it from crossing the ocean! Because if not, one day you will wake up and the Godzilla building will be right next door to you, and bearing down with 6 Starbucks, 3 Gaps of each variety, and couple of Best Buys and not a SINGLE store that sells hemp-related goods. It will then ravish all the indie stores in SF before returing to its home country."

    • My friend worries that if the Japanese start building buildings representing things that have ravaged Tokyo, then eventually they'll get around to building the thing from Akira, and that would just not be good.

  10. truffle666 says:


  11. vson says:

    Yeah, and then in 50 years someone would fly a plane into it.

  12. vson says:

    Just kidding.

  13. aleciak says:

    Not a funy joke.