bin packing is NP complete.

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15 Responses:

  1. That would be the noisiest room in the house >_<;;

  2. semiclever says:

    Pretty badass, but I don't think it's being put to it's full potential.

    I think the whole thing would be a bit more interesting if it could display video-wall style giant images. You could map the individual displays to parts of the total virtual space by setting up a digicam so it captures the entire intended 'virtual screen' and then either firing each monitor in turn or firing them in different colors. But then, I just got back from a very wet christmas party.

  3. dojothemouse says:

    My God, it's full of Centrises.

  4. baconmonkey says:

    it's Mitch's house!

  5. romulusnr says:

    i know an old cow-orker who would love to introduce them to the wonder of cable ties.

  6. wisn says:

    I'm going to refer to this the next time I have to convince somebody to get a KVM switch.

  7. broken_alice says:

    This is so Max Headroom!

  8. fantasygoat says:

    I hate it when you cover up the long space before you get a 4-square piece.

  9. inqueery says:

    ::tap tap::

    ::push push::

    (runs away quickly as delighful noise is made!)

  10. schoschie says:

    The backs look like the structures on the side of the Star Destroyer, with cables.