Lynchian Mary Worth insanity

tritone wrote:

A live-action version of a month's worth of Mary Worth strips, shot using the actual "camera angles" of the original strips. (If you want to subject yourself to the rest of the episodes, they're here. For some reason I had to watch all of them.)

Maybe this would make more sense if I had ever seen this strip, but jesus fuck is this shit weird...

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delete yourself from the internets!

From: Jim <>
Date: December 26, 2006 3:27:26 PM PST
Subject: I mneed your help

I do not quite know what I am doing when I get to your site. I want to download the 200 screen savers. I'm running fedora core 4 on and hp computer. What ever I click it doesn't give me the option to install, can you give me a little help please?

From: Jamie Zawinski <>
Date: December 26, 2006 9:53:40 PM PST
Subject: Re: I mneed your help

Fedora packages a version of xscreensaver for you. Just install the Fedora "xscreensaver-base", "xscreensaver-extras", and "xscreensaver-gl-extras" packages instead of downloading the source code.

From: "Jim" <>
Date: December 28, 2006 10:04:16 PM PST
To: "'Jamie Zawinski'" <>
Subject: RE: I need your help

Why don't you just tell me how to get them from your site, because it takes too long to reinstall the software?

From: Jamie Zawinski <>
Date: December 29, 2006 2:50:42 AM PST
To: Jim <>
Subject: Re: I need your help

Because if you didn't understand the instructions on the download page, that means it will be far, far simpler for you to figure out how to install Fedora's binaries than compile it from source. It's not easy.

From: Jim <>
Date: December 29, 2006 12:14:59 PM PST
To: Jamie Zawinski <>
Subject: Re: I need your help

Then you should remove yourself from the download site, if you don't have the patience to tell me.
Since it took you so long to answer me, I had time to figure it out for myself.
I do not need your help anymore.

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