WebCollage for OSX

I finally ported the webcollage screen saver to OSX. This will be included with the next release of xscreensaver, but here's a zip of just the one. Let me know if it works...

I had some trouble getting the sub-processes to die properly when the saver deactivated or when you changed option settings. I think it works, but be paranoid about that.

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  1. drbrain says:

    I ran it by clicking the test button for about four or five minutes by clicking the test button. When I hit escape or space to return to the screen saver pref pane the screen went black and wouldn't revert to the desktop (I waited about 10-15 seconds. Closing and opening the lid caused my desktop to return.

    I had the timeout and delay all the way to the minimum values.

    Running with the sliders in the same position for another eight minutes did not cause the screen to stay black for more than 2 seconds.

    • jwz says:

      See if there's any whining in "Console".

      • drbrain says:

        These are the only lines that look relevant:

        2006-11-11 00:28:16.526 System Preferences[11617] ScreenSaverDefaults does not respond to volatileDomainForName:

        Nov 11 00:35:17 pride-zenspider-com webcollage-helper: CMSCreateDataProviderOrGetInfo : Invalid colorspace type

        Nov 11 00:41:21 pride-zenspider-com webcollage-helper: CMSCreateDataProviderOrGetInfo : Invalid colorspace type

        (Once more without being a dick.)

  2. 0acideyes0 says:

    these are absolutely gorgeous screensavers, i was just scrolling through the screenshots though.
    i need to upgrade to tiger first :(

  3. otak says:

    It doesn't let me click on the webcollage saver in System Preferences, but instead pops up a box that says says:

    Screen saver "Webcollage 2" did not load properly. Please select another screen saver.

    Error: no symbol "webcollage2_xscreensaver_function_table" in bundle /Users/mike/Library/Screen Savers/Webcollage 2.saver

    When you click on the saver, console says:

    2006-11-11 09:30:15.697 System Preferences[218] *** Assertion failure in -[XScreenSaverWebcollageView findFunctionTable], /Users/jwz/src/xscreensaver/OSX/XScreenSaverView.m:55

    I'm running it with OSX 10.4.8 on an Intel 1.8 GHz MacBook. All the other xscreensaver savers seem to work fine.

    • jwz says:

      I think this means you somehow managed to install the bundle with the name "Webcollage 2" instead of "Webcollage". Don't do that.

  4. netik says:

    Speaking of which, do you have source for the 'grab random post from LJ' in Perl? I think piping <lj community=drunkdna> to the sign would be funny.

  5. npietran says:

    After 2 1/5 years, my migration to OSX is complete. Works great on my aluminum G4 powerbook, no weird messages in "console"

    Also, I just had a humongous picture of a vagina on my screen.

    Best screensaver ever.