Überschwerer Kampfschreitpanzer

"A unit of StuG III assault guns stands ready for review. They are accompanied by a Überschwerer Kampfschreitpanzer (Superheavy Armored Walking Tank), also known as a 'Thor's Hammer.' Eastern Front circa 1943."
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13 Responses:

  1. autodidactic says:

    And, here I thought this one was well done:

    • usufructer says:

      No, they didn't put enough grain on the ships, and the brightness is wrong too. Look at the buildings and the Arc de Triomphe. They're sunlit and almost completely washed out, as should be the top and sides of the ships.

      • greatbiggary says:

        Right, and there's also a rectangle of noiseless white around each ship. Here's a version I tweaked briefly in the Gimp. I went to art school, but we spent most of our time on long division, so I'm not very good at these kinds of tweaks. Still, I think it more closely resembles the look of such an event.

        tweak of a composite image of soldiers marching in a parade with Star Wars Imperial vessels flying overhead from somethingawful.com

  2. The sad thing is that I didn't even register the AT-AT until the second time I scrolled past this.

  3. chrisbert says:

    Ein volk, Ein Reich, Ein Force?

  4. squeekyhoho says:

    Too bad they were no match for the Allied Forces Snow Speeders.

  5. benediktus says:

    ... setze s-tragflächen in angriffsposition

  6. davidmccabe says:

    Some archeo-historians are going to be terribly confused, and it's going to be all your fault.

  7. diggets says:

    Dude, that's totally 1947. You can tell by the boots, baby, the boots.