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  1. waider says:

    I can't help but think of this in the same way as web-based protests and Witty Slogans To Fight The Man: while you're merrily wiping your arse with the RIAA, they're paying No Attention Whatsoever because they're too busy rolling around in a large pile of cash.

    Of course, the perfect next step would be for the RIAA to sue this guy for, uh, "dilution" of trademark or something.

    • mark242 says:

      That large pile of cash is rapidly shrinking, and everyone knows it. Hence the desperation death-rattle-throes of lawsuits. Tower's bankruptcy has seriously spooked long-time execs at the majors-- it's the first big sign (at least, the first big sign that they've paid attention to; there are all kinds of smaller signs) that their shit isn't selling anymore.

      • lohphat says:

        I strolled through the Tower on Market St. in SF and it was eerie. Hippies burning incense in hopeless effort to revive the terminal behemoth from within.

        I remember driving the 30 miles from OC to LA when I got my license at 16 to stroll through the Tower Classical store on Sunset, not the pop-rock store, the other demure oasis across the street.

        Virgin vinyl carefully packed in dust covers to protect the audiophile treasures enshrouded within. Then a few years later, seeing the first CDs appear and drooling at the possibility of owning a player once I could afford the $1000 wonders from Japan.

        It was magic.

        Even though I can order anything from my home in my pjs I still can't find esoteric recordings like "Koto Vivaldi" by the New Kyoto Ensemble or Kitaro's "Silk Road" or other odd jems hidden on the shelves unburdened by daily stock rotation. If it wasn't there, the man behind the counter with the microfiches would find it. Somewhere.


        Now. Get. Off. My. Lawn.

  2. fflewddur says:

    I, for one, welcome our new double-quilted overlords.

  3. I would love to see that at DNA. i am sure one of the floor gnomes will be more then glad to do it.

  4. mikesol says:

    This toilet paper is only available in single-ply. While you could go down into a back alley somewhere and get some toilet paper without the RIAA approval on it that has as many plies as your delicate buttocks desire, it is ILLEGAL to do so and we will not be here to help you if you get hemorrhoids.

  5. carus_erus says:

    Hmm.. I wonder who's house would be most ironic to TP with this?

  6. xinit says:

    That'd be good to put up around a friend's place if it were plastic "crime scene" style tape.

  7. Aha. Just the thing for Rectally Irritating Anal Ablutions.