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  1. taffer says:

    When are you installing that at the DNA?

    With Pong running on it.

  2. pvck says:

    I think it would be keen if it could be programmed so that the radius/brightness of the halo is representative of the amount of time the object has been sitting there. Bartenders could probably gather a lot of subconscious data about the drinking habits of their customers that way.

    Also, I expect DNA to have one of these for me to play with when I come out there.

    • pvck says:

      And, I belatedly realize that everyone is going to make the same second half of my comment. *sigh*

    • I could probably write that behaviour within an hour on my touch surface prototype, assuming a suitably IR-reflective bottom to the glass - unfortunately it's a wall, so it's not so good for putting your drinks on :-)

  3. nightrider says:

    1) this needs a "Tazer" option for unruly drunks
    2) I love the 80s pr0n music they dubbed over the video.
    3) This product is worthless without strippers on top of it.

  4. kfringe says:

    Am I the only one whose first thought was "how much will that cost to fix when a drunk breaks it?" I see seams in that bar, for fuck's sake. SEAMS! You'd probably need a special vomit-vac, and you'd never get the smell out.

    • semiclever says:

      I saw that too, but I suspect that the top of the bar is actually monolithic with a rear projection system underneath it. The seams are where the edges of adjacent projections meet. The website seems to confirm this in that it refers to a projection system.

      What I'm curious about is how they do the object detection.

      • cylan says:

        I'm going to make a guess, but from watching the video it looks to me like they've got some set of cameras above the bar which are doing a chroma keying sort of thing, against perhaps infrared lighting illuminating the bar from below. I'm basing this assumption on noticing that the bar is drawing the areas of peoples' arms as they reach over the bar while not necessarily touching it. Kind of like a shadow from light projected from a light source above the bar, or the image a camera focused on the surface of the bar (from above) would produce.

        • flipzagging says:

          It's more likely done with cameras below. When something touches frosted glass lit from below it produces a bright spot.

          The trick is that the projectors are already casting bright spots onto the glass. So, in software, you simply subtract the image you know you're projecting. It has to be calibrated, but the software could do that itself fairly easily.

          • cylan says:

            I'm not sure how I could explain why the bar illuminates areas under the arms of people who reach over the bar using the system you described (it's illuminating areas which aren't physically in contact with the bar surface).

            How would you explain it?

            • flipzagging says:

              That argues for the concept of lighting from below. It seems that people's heads don't create "shadows" of light, but their arms do when close to the bar.

              See this demo of a multi-touch interface. The ending shows what the camera sees, and there's definitely a whitish ghost under the hand.

  5. buz says:

    Great - another reason for the rotters to loiter at the bar instead of GETTING THEIR DAMN IMBIBEMENTS AND MOVE ON!*

    * ...so I can play with the pretty lights!

  6. greyhame says:

    An irresistible attraction for flocks of ravers.

  7. gfish says:

    When I first saw that, I was reminded of the 'popular technology helps people get laid' idea. It should draw lines between your cup and the cups of people you might want to date. Even if it's just basing that on what drinks you've ordered, or the driver license ID numbers.

    • arn says:

      I can see so many fights breaking out when it links two dudes glasses together. That said, it would be awesome entertainment for the rest of the bars patrons, assuming they like that sort of thing.

  8. bkdelong says:

    Mmmmm. Gesture Recognition. Ripe for an Amsterdam Hooka Bar.

  9. nosrialleon says:

    Your customers would break that in 7 minutes.

  10. gutbloom says:

    That bar is for sissies.

    The Town Drunk

  11. dossy says:

    Yet again, proof that humankind's pleasure center is not much more sophisticated than that of a cat's.

    ("Ooh shiny lights. Must swat with paw.")

  12. rapier1 says:

    Does it do anything or just make pretty lights?
    Not that pretty lights are bad but isn't alcohol nice enough without the toys?

  13. elanswer says:

    SHINY. Must play with.

  14. mackys says:





  15. tiff_seattle says:

    They have one of those things at the EMP in Seattle. It's fun for about 5 minutes and then the novelty wears off. Combine it with alcohol and that might be 10 minutes. Some decent ecstasy and you are looking at maybe 45 minutes of fun.

    • Yeah, I really can't see that being interesting for more than a couple of minutes or as long as it takes to figure out how it works.

      It reminds me of undercar LED lighting or spinner rims.

  16. remaker says:

    1) It costs money, which they never have, since their critical expensive gear self-destructs at an alarming rate and assorted obtuse city and state fees constantly chew up their cash.

    2) The same damage that the f-tards inflicted on the cool bathrooms and kiosks will be wrought on this new surface.

    3) All of the unions that would install this stuff probably still have the DNA Lounge on blacklist.

    4) The City will no doubt require special permits, fees, and a public hearing before it can be installed, as well as licenses from at least 4 agencies (See (1)).

    5) The core unit either runs some flavor of Linux, and will fail in some inexplicable, undocumented way that the vendor will be unable to explain OR will run Windows and be forbidden to enter.

    6) Bartenders will suffer epileptic fits, driving up workmen's comp.

    7) Nerds will play with it instead of buying drinks. See (1).

    8) The inevitable kernel oops will be irritating.

    Did I miss any?

  17. hallerlake says:

    Jeez. I have half a mind to open a bar just so I can put one of these in it.

    I see by the other comments that the EMP already has one, though. I think I'll go check it out there.

  18. ultranurd says:

    How are you supposed to drink with that kind of distraction?

  19. There is a table like this at the Rock and Roll McDonalds in Chicago. It's been there for a very long time. You dont even have to touch it, it reacts to your shadows being on the table, as well as items you place on it. It has many different patterns, and is similar to the one in the video that porphyre posted.

  20. davidmccabe says:


    Musical instrument. The software is open-source.