I, for one, welcome our new idoru librarian overlords

Ms. Dewey

This is... kinda creepy and kinda awesome. The clips are reactive to the things you search for. nightrider has some suggestions...

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  1. fatherbingo says:

    Yeah, subservientchicken.com's pretty rad, isn't it?

  2. injector says:

    Every so often I'd get something totally random where she'd call out for "Ricardo" to do something. Searching for Ricardo is interesting.

  3. outintospace says:

    I searched for "Microsoft" and Firefox crashed.

  4. spoonyfork says:

    Search: weather in detroit
    Ms. Dewey: "Ah, yes.. 72 suburbs in search of a city."

  5. ellyjonez says:

    it's a cute idea but her comments are lame and unfunny!

  6. This is... kinda creepy and kinda awesome. The clips are reactive to the things you search for.

    Uh. In, um, more or less the same way that Eliza is reactive?

  7. mightymu says:

    In response to "Jamie Zawinski", she told me "Now that is an interesting topic. I don't think people spend enough time thinking about it."

    So there ya go.

    That lasso thing is annoying, though.

  8. jamie_f says:

    Damn, game over for Google. All those Ph.D's and they still missed the boat.

  9. gths says:

    typing in "nuclear weapons" is kind of amusing

  10. "terminal velocity".

  11. ladykalessia says:

    Here's another list of some good ones. I wish I'd saved the thread on the company list about that thing - there are a staggering number of custom responses. Dungeons and Dragons, and searching for the name of the actress were memorable.

    • Based on the response to her name, I typed in "high explosives". The results were silly, but still explody.

      • On a similar note, the responses for "terrorism" and "homeland security" are in a similar vein. The result for "abortion" is suitably noncomittal.

        "Police" is another good (well, painful) one.

      • valacosa says:

        I didn't get any good responses out of her.

        Then again, I might try searching for something more exciting than, "tell me about calculus."

  12. ch says:

    try katrina

  13. ch says:

    also: xbox

  14. andythms says:

    also: gunfight

  15. thumperward says:

    Searching for "flash" got me a thing about "lights, camera, ActionScript"... on the _second_ search. The first was her going crazy and blowing Ricardo up.

    Searching for "Ricardo" get me the "holidays" one first, followed by one about going to Amsterdam?

    Google and Microsoft were reasonably predictable.

    - Chris

    • nightrider says:

      Yup. It looks like they have several responses that are randmoly chosen from a list with a couple of generic responses mixed in for every search.

      A few repeat searches generated quite a bit more responses than others before the genrics started showing up...

      George Bush
      Dick Cheney

      So, if you see someone post a suggestion that generates a flop, just try it again... and again... actually, this is getting pretty annoying...

      I predict this site will last 6 months at best unless they change the functionality. Definitely not a Google-beater as someone previously suggested.
      (besides, who really wants to wait 15-30 seconds for search results?)

  16. revglenn says:

    try "satan". it's great.

  17. nightrider says:

    One thing I liked about the site was the reference made to Weird Science.

    "1s and 0s, 1s and 0s, all the useless coding, the underwear on your head, and you still couldn't create the woman of your dreams, poor you."

  18. cetan says:

    "Who Invented The Internet" generated an on-topic response, but only the first time I tried it.

  19. benediktus says:

    try "bondage"