I, for one, welcome our groovy 1970s robot overlords, baby

For some inexplicable reason LJ doesn't let you embed Quicktime, so you make with the clicky clicky: Flash version, Quicktime version.
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12 Responses:

  1. sherm says:

    LJ's never let you embed anything (XSS + annoyance avoidance), except lately YouTube (because LJ is the old new MySpace!!!!!)

  2. endquote says:

    You can only embed media from specific sources, anyway.

  3. drbrain says:

    More Ninjaerobics, please.

    • Me too!

      And more people with vacuum cleaners on their genitals. Well, maybe not.

      Hey, didja know that your can embed media from ... eh, whatever.

  4. biggeek says:

    - Footage from the defunct Monsanto's "Voyage Through Inner Space" ride at Disneyland.

    - The little red, big-lipped monster jumping around with the floppy gloves attached to it's chest was from "Jonny Sokko and his Flying Robot."

    - A couple clips of the late Playboy playmate Dorothy Stratten from "Galaxina."

    I'm not willing to touch the Ultraman clips because there's been 10 million incarnations of the franchise over the last 40 years and I only saw the first series.

    • jsbowden says:

      Don't forget those groovy scenes from Cobra, dude! Fortunately, Brigitte Nielsen didn't appear in any of the samplings.

      That needed some clips from Barbarella just for completeness sake.

  5. benediktus says:

    "We now return to Battling Seizure Robots"

  6. king_mob says:

    "I wonder why he's got this tagged as perver -- oh."

  7. fantasygoat says:

    I had completely forgotten about the existence of that Happy Days time-travel cartoon. Probably for a good reason.

  8. For some reason I just assumed that you were linking to this video instead. It is also about robot overlords, er, protectors.