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Guns N Roses cancels show over booze law

Guns n' Roses canceled a performance in Portland, Maine this week after being told by state officials that the band could not drink on stage.

McCausland said the band had wanted to drink beer, wine and Jagermeister while performing. A couple of hours after being told that would violate state law, Guns n' Roses canceled its concert, he said.

After the cancellation, a band spokesperson blamed fire marshals for "making it impossible for the band to perform their show to the usual high standards that their fans deserve." The press release, however, did not give a specific reason for the pullout.

Jeff Austin, supervisor of liquor licensing and inspection for the state Department of Public Safety, said state law prohibits performers from drinking while on stage, and prohibits employees at establishments with liquor licenses from drinking on the job.


6 Responses:

  1. taffer says:

    ... "high standards" ...


  2. xach says:

    Just across the border in New Hampshire, you can buy your Jager tax free and get wasted on stage. It's some kind of libertarian paradise.

  3. jagger says:

    The real reason might be linked to them only selling 3000 of 6000 tickets.

    In a related story 3000 people in Maine have nothing better to do with $60 than pay to see Guns 'n Roses.

    • keimel says:

      You can't blame those 3000 people for doing some strange things while they're drunk. After all, it's still legal for us to drink in some circumstances. :)

      • jagger says:

        Really the ban on drinking on stage is the least of our worries. Bangor wants to ban smoking in a car with an underage child.

        • belgand says:

          I strongly support that. My mother smoked for part of while I was growing up and while it was rare that she would smoke in the car (and was otherwise a considerate person) it was amazingly bothersome and likely not very good for the child.

          If you want to smoke on your own, fine, but you cross the line when it starts to interfere with non-smokers. When you're that person's child you don't even have the option of avoiding the situation.

          Enforcement, though, is going to be a joke.