Fuck Rob Black and his spam

I pay almost no attention to local politics -- I usually just vote for whoever inkbot says so that I don't have to think about it, or care -- but I can tell you for sure that there's nothing in the world that could make me vote for Rob Black, based solely on the amount of glossy crap that has shown in my mailbox over the last two weeks, some hyping him, but mostly bashing the other guy. I've been getting at least one a day, sometimes three a day, for the last two weeks. My mailbox has been 70% Rob Black by volume.

Nobody whose campaign has that much money to spend on full color direct mail can possibly be up to any good.

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  1. bifrosty2k says:

    You should have an "Anti-Rob Black" party :)

  2. phreddiva says:

    A while ago I made a pact with myself to not vote for anyone who filled my mailbox with trash or (far, far worse) called me & left automated messages on my home phone. Then I realized that would leave me not voting, and I had to give it up.

  3. evan says:

    I like how this result wins in ranking:
    "Rob Black"is the name Robert Zicari uses in the pornography business. ... I'm going to create this character, Rob Black, who's going to be like, ...

  4. inkbot says:

    my suggestions are up 'n' posted! :)

  5. joeradio says:

    I experienced something similar during the last election. An organization sent out the same full-color glossy flyer not once, but about five times in the month before the election. And since there are two of us living at the same address, there were always two copies. What was the name of this outfit? "South San Franciscans against Government Waste".

    • dsgood says:

      Last election here (Minneapolis) the party which contributed the most to litter with its campaign material was the Greens.

      • dzm6 says:

        Burning Man happened just a month or two before the 2000 elections. In their cleanup report they indicated that the biggest porta-potty problem they had was having to fish out 2000+ Nader stickers before they could pump and haul the potty away.

    • djinnaya says:

      We actually got a single piece of election junk mail that was addressed to both Jason and I. This caused a joyous cry of "Holy shit! Someone figured out how to use a database! Let's vote for them!"

  6. sashamalchik says:

    ...then you'll be voting for this idiot.

  7. netik says:

    I considered voting for Rob Black because of what he said he'd do for the homeless problem and aggressive panhandling / graffiti issues in SoMA.

    After a ton of research and shitloads of spammy mail, email, flyers, and more promotional material than god on my doorstep, I don't want to vote for either of them. Not to mention Black has zero experience and no pull in the city aside from Newsom, who is recommending him just to piss Daly off. The guy's a pawn.

    I guess I'll have to suck it up and vote for Daly.

  8. violentbloom says:

    killing trees sucks.
    making me throw your stupid campaign flyers in the recycle bin more than once gets a vote for the other canidate.

    • sashamalchik says:

      Yeah! That's the intelligent and well-informed way to pick candidates, that's right!
      ...that's exactly how politics in this city is done...

      • violentbloom says:

        I don't think it's ill advised to not vote for canidates who care so little for the environment that they feel the need to send me 6 or more flyers in which all they do is bad mouth their opponent.

        That is completely lame both as a campaign technique, and as a way of living your own life, little alone as a way of running our government.

        I personally would like a canidate who feels secure enough to state what their own policies are and not rely entirely on pointing fingers at how bad everyone else is. And we should all be aware that wasting resources is a bad thing to do.

        So yes it is in fact an intellectual way to choose a canidate. They're providing me with a serious of actions and I'm analyzing them and predicting trends of how they handle situations. And I don't like it.
        Something goes wrong? Well they're likely to just blame someone else. After all that worked for the election right?

      • spendocrat says:

        Yeah, what kind of asshole judges people on how they act?!

  9. pvaneynd says:

    Last elections my wife had the idea to vote for whoever sends the least amount of mail. After making the stacks it turned out we only got a few papers for the fascists, a bit more from the ruling central party and a heap of paper from both the socialist-green group and from the liberals. So much for that method.

  10. belgand says:

    I've found that almost all of my major offices were easily decided by one of the candidate running negative ads about how his opponent is going to do something supposedly horrible that I agree with. Usually the ads just function as a convenient listing of all the reasons why I should vote for the other guy.

    Then again, this is Kansas. Glad I'll be out of here in only a few more weeks.

  11. wsxyz says:

    He lost.
    I'll bet you didn't know your blog is so influential.