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Just for the record: SELinux can lick my sweaty balls.

I mean seriously. This is the biggest, most uselessly time-wasting piece of shit since the last time they rewrote the firewall code from scratch.

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Stop. Please stop.

HBO is developing a one-hour series based on the popular 1990s Vertigo comic series Preacher. Mark Steven Johnson, who directed the comic-book adaptations Daredevil and the upcoming Ghost Rider for the big screen, is writing the pilot. Howard Deutch (The Whole Ten Yards) is set to direct.
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I, for one, welcome our groovy 1970s robot overlords, baby

For some inexplicable reason LJ doesn't let you embed Quicktime, so you make with the clicky clicky: Flash version, Quicktime version.
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How To Turn Your Pee Blue

I sense a drink special coming up.


Treo 700p and 4GB SD

I can't have nice things.

I bought a no-name 4GB SD card for my Treo 700p, and it's really flaky: at somewhat random (but frequent) times, it makes the "you just ejected the card!" noise, and then I have to pop it out and back in again to get it to be recognised. I think maybe it only does this when it's not being accessed, e.g., as soon as I stop playing music and/or the device goes to sleep, it unmounts the card. I haven't had it do it while listening to music, but then as soon as I pause and the phone goes idle, blam.

The card seems to work fine when I plug it into a USB reader on my Mac. I also tried reformatting it. Some googling suggests that there are people out in the world successfully using 4GB FAT32 SD cards with the Treo 700p. Palm's site says they "have not tested" 4GB cards, though.

So is there some less sketchy 4GB card I should buy instead? Or does this trick just not work?

Update: Bought a Transcend 4GB. Works fine.

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"Can Dr. Evil Save The World?"

You've got to admire the sheer Mad Science audacity of this plan...

Wood's proposal was not technologically complex. It's based on the idea, well-proven by atmospheric scientists, that volcano eruptions alter the climate for months by loading the skies with tiny particles that act as mini-reflectors, shading out sunlight and cooling the Earth. Why not apply the same principles to saving the Arctic? Getting the particles into the stratosphere wouldn't be a problem -- you could generate them easily enough by burning sulfur, then dumping the particles out of high-flying 747s, spraying them into the sky with long hoses or even shooting them up there with naval artillery. They'd be invisible to the naked eye, Wood argued, and harmless to the environment. Depending on the number of particles you injected, you could not only stabilize Greenland's polar ice -- you could actually grow it. Results would be quick: If you started spraying particles into the stratosphere tomorrow, you'd see changes in the ice within a few months. And if it worked over the Arctic, it would be simple enough to expand the program to encompass the rest of the planet. In effect, you could create a global thermostat, one that people could dial up or down to suit their needs (or the needs of polar bears). [...]

To his colleagues, Crutzen's willingness to consider deliberate intervention with the planet's climate is a sign that the debate over global warming has changed. "Here is a guy who knows more about the Earth's atmosphere than anyone else alive, and he's telling us that the situation is so dire we need to think about intervening with the atmosphere on a planetary scale," one climate scientist told me. "That's frightening, of course -- but from a purely scientific point of view, it's also very interesting." [...]

"In effect, we're already engineering the climate," says Ken Caldeira, "We just don't want to admit it. You can argue that the only real difference between what we're doing today and what geoengineering advocates are proposing is a matter of intention. And frankly, the atmosphere doesn't care about what's going on in our heads."

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we take two steps forward and six steps back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the DNA Lounge Kitchen is now open for business!

We're not serving full meals yet; our initial menu consists of nachos, quesadillas, and rice krispy treats. See, we've got a pretty decent menu planned out, but to buy the additional equipment needed to make that food, not to mention stocking the food itself, is gonna cost a few thousand dollars, which we don't have. So we finally said, "fuck it, let's see what we can do with a hundred bucks and just get this thing open." So Chef Sundance is up there making nachos for you all. Head up and say hi...

It's up on the balcony, on the other side of the room from coat check.

In less good news, we had no webcast on Thursday or Friday because our other Soundweb blew up. Soundweb, as those of you who have been reading for a while will recall, is the (pair of) computers/appliances that run our entire sound system. One of the pair died almost exactly a year ago, and we replaced it, but the second one died yesterday.

We've yet to be able to find a replacement, so the sound system is current being held together with chewing gum and strong language. A side effect of this is: no webcast. Oh, and a second side effect is that it's going to cost us like another five grand.

Imagine my joy.


lunchtime poll

Let's say you found out you had a tapeworm. [*]  Let's say the doctor gave you some pills to kill it, and in due course, this giant thing came out of your butt.

[ LJ Poll 874397 ]

[*] No, I'm not the one who has one.

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um, what?