Send. More. Paramedics.

Fire breaks out at Salt Lake crematorium

Fire officials said the six-hundred pound man was in being cremated when his body fluids were too much for the oven. The body fluids seeped out onto the floor and ignited causing a fire at the Garner Funeral Home in Salt Lake City. "Those fluids can be very flammable," said Scott Freitag of the Salt Lake City fire department. "Sort of like a grease fire."

The crematorium is back in business and the funeral director said they'll notify the family to assure them their loved one wasn't harmed.

Fire. In crematorium.

Dead man. Harmed.


47 Responses:

  1. lilmissnever says:

    So is this your entry into the Six-Word Story Contest?

  2. sschmitt says:

    This would make a good six-word story for that thing that is going around LJ/Wired.

  3. mooflyfoof says:

    We're made of meat. Ew.

  4. capo_mojo says:

    Fat man burns. Film at 11.

    • jwz says:

      "It happens sometimes: people just explode."

      • kimberley66 says:

        bhahahaaaa, . . .

        can't stop laughing. . .

        eyes watering. . . .


        • keimel says:

          I was like that a few comments previous.... still continuing enough to have the wife wondering just what in the hell I found THIS time on the Internets.

          • kimberley66 says:

            Well I was sitting at our reception desk when I found this earlier today. . . I'm still laughing. . .

      • valacosa says:

        Six words and ten syllables. Impressive.

      • edouardp says:

        Wow - 80s flashback! Must buy DVD...

  5. dougygyro says:

    Just look out for the acid rain.

  6. kimberley66 says:

    This is the funniest thing T O D A Y!!!

  7. lars_larsen says:

    Girl in my EMT class doing CPR:

    Instructor: "Push harder, you need to compress at least 2-3 inches."
    Girl: "Wont I break his ribs?"
    Instructor: "He's DEAD! You cant hurt him"

    • kimberley66 says:

      Good point! What's a few broken ribs when you're ALIVE again?

      • lars_larsen says:

        Personally, I dont even mind the cracking sound. They dont even notice it. They're dead.

  8. pavel_lishin says:

    I can't believe nobody commented on "the funeral director said they'll notify the family to assure them their loved one wasn't harmed".

    "Don't worry, ma'am, despite the fire, the corpse you sent us to burn for you wasn't harmed."

  9. thegreatdoogie says:

    Ironic that as I was reading this, I heard several sirens in the distance.

  10. treptoplax says:

    Solyent diesel is people!

  11. obsessed_folder says:

    six hundred pounds

    I'm not going to take the lack of comments on that statistic as evidence that no one noticed, or that no one is surprised. but c'mon ... six hundred pounds.

    ps: keep your pictures to yourselves.