Rogue Elephants

I love this photo.
Elephants are mad as hell, and are not going to take it any more.

New developments with rogue elephants -- they rape and kill rhinoceroses; attack villages with intelligent measures like blocking escape routes and pinning down humans before goring them to death; and display psychological traits previously only observed in people.

Researchers are thinking of this as a sort of emergent species-wide emotional breakdown resulting from human interference over long periods of time and the consequent destruction of important social bonds for the elephants.


19 Responses:

  1. sir_bissel says:

    Just remember: An elephant never forgets.

    So that time when you were 5 when you rode the elephant at the zoo? Yeah, plotting your demise.

  2. autodidactic says:

    An elephant raping a rhino? That must be a sight to see. How the hell do you stop it?

  3. lars_larsen says:

    "...continual social interaction with humans who substitute for missing matriarchal elephant figures."

    If someone killed my mother and replaced her with an elephant, I'd probably pin it to the ground and gore it.

  4. taiganaut says:

    I had no idea they mourned their dead like that.

    We fucking suck.

  5. lordshell says:

    I, for one, welcome our new, tusked overlords.

  6. kfringe says:

    they rape and kill rhinoceroses

    "You said rape twice."

    "I like rape."

  7. tokyolove says:

    I thought male elephants go through a phase called must, where they get really violent and unapprochable. This sounds like it might be what's going on. Maybe?