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i'm like totally posting this via SMS. Whoa, I might totally care if my phone couldn't send real email...
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  1. deificar says:

    Premium account only, yes?

  2. brad says:

    You'd be surprised how much of the populace uses $50 (or "free") phones. But you wouldn't be surprised how much they suck, considering how much our $700 treos still suck.

    • funjon says:

      I'm being drawn to the dark side, mostly because my treo pisses me off. A lot.

    • dojothemouse says:

      Free/$50 phones don't all suck. They have zero features, but those zero features work.

      It doesn't even have "online" whatever & try to sell you ringtones.

    • jesus_x says:

      Not once has my dinky little Kyocera failed me. Now if I could just unlock the serial port, I'd be totally happy...

    • rly says:

      My free phone on a $35/month plan has unlimited web access and Opera Mini doesn't suck all that much. Hell, I'd rather use it than Firefox on OS X.

    • wisn says:

      My current three hundred dollar phone/camera/memotaker/calendar/game/SMS gadget with predictive text input and bluetooth is too weak to work as a phone in most parts of the United States, including my home and office.

      I was happier with my old five dollar phone that worked as a phone without much regard to range. My next phone will once again be something I can use as a phone, and if it means I have to get it for free and give up my right to photos, text messaging and downloadable ringtones, well, thank you Cingular for saving me hundreds of dollars.

  3. livejournalsux says:

    What is the cost of sending an email? Do you have unlimited data? I know that my plan charges me $0.10 to send a text message. Regular data is $0.10 per KB. So, its probably cheaper to send a message via sms for some people.

    Not to mention the fact that email is for old people.

  4. mikesol says:

    Whoa, it's "Moblogging"! Eventually, we'll all have WiMax and we'll post over a free mesh network, embodying the new spirit of the Moblogosphere!

    I can see it now:

    "Dear LJ: I am in a public washroom in Central Park (on the east side). I have run out of toilet paper. Can someone come bring me some?"

    It's the FUTURE, NOW.