mark your calendars

You are hereby advised:

Sat, Oct 21:   Bohemian Carnival @ DNA Lounge 
Mon, Oct 23:   Veruca Salt @ Cafe Du Nord 
One of my favorite bands, and they are great live. Go.
Fri, Oct 27:   ESG / Cansei de Ser Sexy @ Mezzanine 
CSS put on a really fun live show (I just saw them open for Ladytron).
Fri, Oct 27:   Kristin Hersh @ Swedish American Hall 
She's doing solo versions of the first Throwing Muses album, for its 20th anniversary.
Sat, Oct 28:   Pop Roxx @ DNA Lounge 
Sun, Oct 29:   Regina Spektor @ The Fillmore 
She's good live, but I dunno, I think this is too big a room for her...
Tue, Oct 31:   Our World-Famous Halloween Party @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, Nov 03:   The Knife @ Mezzanine 
Thu, Nov 16:   Bawdy Island Burlesque Hullabaloo @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, Nov 17-  
Sun, Nov 19:  
Horror Fest @ Metreon 
They're showing a bunch of recent independent horror flicks.
Sat, Dec 02:   Wall of Voodoo @ Slim's 
It's not Wall of Voodoo without Stan Ridgway, but I may go anyway.
Tue, Dec 19,  
Wed Dec 20:  
Lisa Germano @ Hemlock Tavern 
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10 Responses:

  1. whittles says:

    I ssooo wanna go to the regina show at the fillmore!
    She's one of my musical mentors (she just doesn't know it yet).
    Sometimes I really hate money.

  2. elevatordown says:

    ARGGH! Dude. So many shows this month. I'm dying here.

  3. g_na says:

    Egads, the 20th anniversary of Throwing Muses? My gawd, I'm old.

  4. hermeticseal says:

    i think i enjoyed CSS a tad bit more than Ladytron.

    thanks for the tip; after lovefoxxx said they'd be back i realized i had no idea where she said they were going to be, and google had not revealed its secrets to me yet.

    and to the girl who was so offended because i wasnt dancing during "seventeen": thanks for the gropes but i was not nearly drunk enough. being a middle-aged repressed white male will do that to you.

    i noticed that CSS was in the audience for ladytron. they seem like a bunch of kool kids.

  5. xrayspx says:

    I thought the same thing about seeing Regina Spektor at the Avalon in Boston, which looks like it is roughly similar capacity to the Fillmore. It was packed, and the show sounded great.

    I can also vouch for the Kristin Hersh show, we saw the Throwing Muses/50 Foot Wave mini-tour a copule of months ago in Boston and it still blew me away.

  6. marmoset says:

    I saw ESG play the Detroit Electronic Music Festival a few years ago. Those middle-aged Puerto Rican ladies rock. :) Really, though, seeing them and Liquid Liquid playing the same day was one of the musical highlights of my show-going career.

  7. violentbloom says:

    you left out diamanda galas, and also kmfdm is the same night as pop roxx. hehe

  8. uke says:

    Bringing E. to the Kristin Hersh show.

  9. caroline_blind says:

    But you forgot to include SCRITTI POLITTI @ Slims on Thurs. Nov 2nd! That's where Barry and I will be.....