Headline of the week:

"Giant insects might reign if only there was more oxygen in the air."

Of course, they meant "rule". Giant insects would rule.

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4 Responses:

  1. catonic says:

    So remember to do your part to keep giant insects from ruling the planet by supporting global warming and the increase of greenhouse gasses.

  2. mackys says:

    http://www.nielspettersolberg.no/filmposters/store_06/08081.jpgI love how the giant ants' eyes are all bloodshot. Apparently they're giant radioactive stoner ants. "Wow man... pass the plutonium dusted skunk, man..."

  3. Its reigning insects, hallelujah!

  4. pedxing says:

    Perhaps we could trigger a phytoplankton bloom in the atlantic, causing O2 levels to increase, and we could ride our dragonflies through the burning world.