Finally! Google Maps for Treo!

This is amazingly good! Instead of a web page using JavaScript tricks, it's a native app, so you can scroll around and all the magic popups and stuff work. And it doesn't require you to install half a gigabyte of Java VM first.
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  1. ladykalessia says:

    I love the blackberry version, and that both the find business and satellite views are available. I swear, I use the maps app more than I use the actual phone.

  2. boldra says:

    Seems unstable on my Qtek 9000, but then it's not listed as a supported device. The interface isn't that good either, with no support for the touch screen.

    Google Maps' coverage of Germany isn't that great anyway, it's basically just a map with satellite pics. I can imagine getting excited about it living in SF, there seems to be a lot of extra information available about US cities in Google maps, particularly SF.

  3. vanbeast says:

    Damn, doesn't support setting proxies... which means us cheapskates that only have t-zones from tmo (or whatever) can't use it. Bastards.

    • laptop006 says:

      I've already reported just that bug to a googler only last week, and chased it up a few days ago.

      In some fun countries there's just no option but to use a proxy.

  4. duke_igthorn says:

    Damn, they claim (on the web page) they support Nokia 9500 - but actually they don't, the .jad file contains error message :(

  5. zonereyrie says:

    Ah, very nice - just installed it on my 650. Thanks.

  6. hermeticseal says:

    thanks for the link! 3 of us have already installed it here at work. much, much better than Kmaps.

    its 90% of the way there - i'd love to get rid of TomTom.

    i was surprised at first, but then again with google hiring so many people it seems like getting $random_google_product for $your_obscure_platform is almost a certainty.

    • allegroconmolto says:

      Still no version for Motorola Q. :(

      • allegroconmolto says:

        whoops, that wans't supposed to be a reply to you, just one on its own.

        • hermeticseal says:

          that's okay.

          it seems that google is discriminating against pachuco pumpkins :)

        • radparker says:

          I got it working on my T-Mobile MDA. If it works on there, wouldn't it work on the Q? Both PocketPC/Windows Mobile/whatever.

          Here's what I did.
          1. Register for access to this. It's free, but they want gobs of info.
          2. Download weme-wm2003-arm-midp20-5.7.2-P-20050304-1743.exe, it's IBM's JVM for our kind of device.
          3. After it's loaded on the MDA or Moto Q, run the MIDlet HQ app.
          4. Click "Install."
          5. Painstakingly type in this long-ass URL:
          And then you've got Google Maps working under Java on PocketPC! It's sweet. If you get it to work, spread the word!

          JWZ, thanks for the pointer. My GF has the same phone as yours, I'll pass it along. (And it nudged me to figure out how to get the java app to run on my MDA!)

  7. fyre_fiend says:

    It works wonderful on my T|X via Wifi.
    Thanks for the link.

  8. sc00ter says:

    Now all it needs is bluetooth GPS support.

  9. dougygyro says:

    Very cool indeed. I just love Google, despite how monarchial and pervasive as they are.

    However, it should interface with the AddressBook application, the way that Directory Assistant does.

  10. killbox says:

    runs well even on a treo 600

  11. gregv says:

    A considerable improvement over KMaps, especially the fast background tile loading, awesome directions, and non-retarded interface in general. However, there are two big drawbacks:

    - No selecting addresses from contacts. This was seriously convenient in KMaps and it's going to be a pain to not have it anymore.

    - It's saving those tiles in the 650's already limited main memory. Not cool. I already burned 750k playing with it. So I can let it eat all my memory or clear it and make everything really slow again. Where's the option to let it eat my SD card's memory like KMaps does? (And speaking of which, why are there no actual options on the Options menu?)

    They say to e-mail with ideas to improve it, so they'll definitely be hearing from me. After getting used to KMaps' suck now I have to get used to Google's lesser but still special in its own way suck.

  12. purple_b says:

    I am almost crying, it makes me so happy.

  13. runehog says:

    don't worry, it was about 100x harder to implement than a web page full of javascript tricks.

    and oh, if you don't have an unlimited data plan, I'm sorry.

    • jwz says:

      Oh, I can imagine what kind of nightmares crop up trying to get something this hairy to run on a phone... Did you work on it? If so, great job!

      • runehog says:

        Nah, I bailed before then. I worked on the new OS that Palm didn't want 'cuz it was, like, different.

    • hermeticseal says:

      yeah after playing with it for a while i realized it was keeping a running total of how much data it has pulled from the network in the corner there. i have sprint so i dont care but it was a nice touch for people who don't have unlimited data.

      • runehog says:

        Yeah, the UK and much of Europe are way behind re: unlimited data plans. It makes rolling out any mobile service like this really not fun at all.

  14. themassivebri says:

    just installed it. wow, how kewl.