The Fluffy Dead

And people say I'm hard to shop for.

The law of the dead complete with squeaky toy! This faithful plush adaptation of the Necronomicon is modified for a slightly younger audience. It features a squeaker and a gloved hand for rolling human bones! This extreme high quality, collectible plush "book," has detailed and interactive features on 6 different pages, 4 inside plus the front and back covers. It measures 15-inches tall x 12 1/2-inches wide x 3 1/2-inches deep. Limited edition of 1,200 pieces.
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5 Responses:

  1. edouardp says:

    My little pony unspeakable horror - I'll get one for my daughter!

  2. nidea says:

    speaking of squeaky toy...

    (mouse taxidermy instructions)

  3. dirtybunny says:

    you would make the best secret santa ever.