Statler & Waldorf

Statler & Waldorf have a movie review podcast: bizarrely, it seems to be audio-only. That's right: listening to puppets. I think maybe this is the direct podcast link.

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  1. kfringe says:

    That "direct podcast link" has video of some actual puppets.

  2. deificar says:

    I hope they get the funding for a video version, but I'd imagine that's highly unlikely.

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    I'm a little irritated that you and I weren't even offered an audition...

  4. doctorow says:

    Not only is it listening to puppets, but it's not even the original S&W actors voicing the puppets! What a cheat!

    • kfringe says:

      That doesn't really matter. The Muppets haven't really been up to snuff since Jim Henson stopped doing the good drugs. His death just accelerated their decline into irrelevant banality.

      Anyway, aren't they just reviewing a bunch of Disney movies?

    • elliterati says:

      To be fair, at least one of the original voices is, um, dead...

  5. yosh says:

    Blech. Someone shoot those writers STAT!
    Also the voices aren't anywhere close to the originals.

    Although FWIW I see video in the first link you posted.

  6. glenra says:

    I've been watching (yes, watching) the s&w show for the last year or so. Didn't realize there was an audio-only version. The last few episodes have been sub-par but the series has had its moments. In the earlier episodes they had "outtakes" if you wait past the credits; they haven't done that lately.

    I view the episodes here (using Win2K/ie):

  7. moof says:

    It's the Charlie McCarthy show for a new era.