Statler & Waldorf

Statler & Waldorf have a movie review podcast: bizarrely, it seems to be audio-only. That's right: listening to puppets. I think maybe this is the direct podcast link.

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  1. kfringe says:

    That "direct podcast link" has video of some actual puppets.

  2. deificar says:

    I hope they get the funding for a video version, but I'd imagine that's highly unlikely.

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    I'm a little irritated that you and I weren't even offered an audition...

  4. doctorow says:

    Not only is it listening to puppets, but it's not even the original S&W actors voicing the puppets! What a cheat!

  5. yosh says:

    Blech. Someone shoot those writers STAT!
    Also the voices aren't anywhere close to the originals.

    Although FWIW I see video in the first link you posted.

  6. glenra says:

    I've been watching (yes, watching) the s&w show for the last year or so. Didn't realize there was an audio-only version. The last few episodes have been sub-par but the series has had its moments. In the earlier episodes they had "outtakes" if you wait past the credits; they haven't done that lately.

    I view the episodes here (using Win2K/ie):

  7. moof says:

    It's the Charlie McCarthy show for a new era.