Senators practice their variety act

"Thank you, we're here all week. Try the veal." (also video):

Mr. Durbin: Will the Senator yield for a question?

Mr. Reid: I will be happy to yield for a question.

Mr. Durbin: Can the Senator refresh my memory? Was Mr. Bremmer the recipient of a gold medal or something from the President? Didn't he receive some high decoration or medal for his performance in Iraq?

Mr. Reid: The answer is, yes, he received that. I assume one would expect that from somebody who had a throne while he was over there.

Mr. Durbin: Isn't it also true that George Tenet, who was responsible for the intelligence that was so bad that led us into the war in Iraq, got a medal from the President the same day?

Mr. Reid: That is true.

Mr. Durbin: Did Michael Brown with FEMA receive a gold medal from the White House before he was dismissed?

Mr. Reid: I don't think he did. Even though he was doing a heck of a job, I don't think he obtained a medal from the White House.

Mr. Durbin: Apparently, these gold medals were being awarded for incompetence. They missed Mr. Brown, but they did give one to Mr. Bremmer. Will the Senator yield for another question?

Mr. Reid: I will be happy to.

Mr. Durbin: I am trying to recall the exact number -- it was in the billions of dollars -- that we gave to the President for the reconstruction of Iraq; is that not true?

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9 Responses:

  1. _the_deuce_ says:

    Frist isn't the first conservative I've heard blame the dems for the failure of Congress over the past decade, never mind the fact that it's been controlled by the reps for all but six months since '95. I live in Chicago and I hear it all the time. Frightening.

  2. latemodel says:

    The transcript is better. The senator from Illinois and the senator from Nevada lack what we call "comic timing".

    • dojothemouse says:

      They never have an audience, though. Stuff like this is always to an empty house. That's no way to learn.

      • jcheshire says:

        It drives me nuts when they do these faux dialogues. I heard one staffer suggest that his boss (the member of Congress) thought s/he was creating history by introducing these dialogues into the Congressional record, rather than having the statements presented as mere monologue.

  3. matrixhax0r says:

    Can I get a gold medal?