Reno Balloon Race 2006

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  1. omnifarious says:

    I hate youtube for all the Flash animations sucking down CPU and eating my battery life when I look at my friends page.

    • jwz says:
      1. Nothing animates until you click on it;
      2. You can turn it off;
      3. Welcome to the twenty-first fucking century, luddite.
      • edlang says:

        Yes, but the new Crux-like theme? I preferred the older one.

        I look forward to youtube.t.o .

        Where are they racing to?

      • omnifarious says:

        Strangely enough, it causes my browser's CPU usage to go from about 3% to about 8% even with Flashblock. That cuts my battery life from about 4.5 hours to 3.7 or so because the usage never goes back down until I restart Firefox. I have hope that thumbnailing will fix that though.

    • duskwuff says:

      Turn on video thumbnailing. Problem solved.

    • bistronaut says:

      NoScript lets you globally disable javascript and plugins and selectively re-enable them by site.

    • brianenigma says:

      It's all about the Flashblock extension. All Flash animations start as an empty spot with a Macromedia Flash logo in it. If you decide to click on the logo, the Flash plugin and content is loaded into the browser. It's great for not just screening You Tube plugin bloat, but also has the side effect of hiding Flash-based advertising banners.

    • brad says:

      Which is why I required they build a turn-off switch before I allowed it.

      Check the box by "Video Placeholders".

      • omnifarious says:

        Thank for a helpful response. :-) Even Flashblock doesn't quite do it, but it looks like that will.

        I hate that Youtube uses Flash because there are many standard widely supported video formats they could use instead that don't require a proprietary piece of technology to work. But my friends still often post videos I enjoy seeing and that option gives me the best of both worlds.

        • jwz says:

          I know in advance that you don't like this answer, but there is no low-bandwidth video format that is more widely supported than Flash. And none of the others that are even marginally deployed are "non-proprietary".

          • omnifarious says:

            Well, I know that all the systems I've used support mpeg2 and 4. Perhaps they are not open (though they are at least de-facto open, like mp3), or perhaps they require too much bandwidth. I don't know. But they are widely supported.

        • sc00ter says:

          "here are many standard widely supported video formats they could use instead that don't require a proprietary piece of technology to work"


    • baconmonkey says:

      my computer is powered by the heart of an orphan, so I don't have these problems.

  2. deificar says:

    Aww- the Eagle could not fly. :(

  3. inkbot says:

    now i think i know what it's like to be on e...

  4. fo0bar says:

    I live half a block away from the park where they do that every year (back-left, but at that resolution you can't make out anything).

    Every year, I get woken up by the sound of FLAMETHROWERS outside my bedroom window.

  5. sircyan says:

    Interestingly enough, my girlfriend and I were driving back to Vancouver from a week's vacation in Reno when the race was finishing up.

    There's nothing quite like waking up to, "Look! You have to look at this! There's the Energizer Bunny and a giant cow in the sky!"

  6. dzm6 says:

    Their art cars are more better than the crap ones at Burning Man.

    Incidentally Kraftwerk's Autobahn makes a spiffy soundtrack for watching this too.