now this is how you use the interweb.


To advertise comedy "Weeds", there was created a billboard that had attached three 6-foot high bags filled with giant sandwiches and massive prop marijuana. This latter billboard had a security camera trained upon it and when inevitably the marijuana was stolen, the footage was released as a viral video which received 50,000 views and wide-spread press coverage.

Video 1, Video 2.

(BTW, the show is very funny.)

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6 Responses:

  1. gutbloom says:

    It's almost worth watching the news tonight to see who they drag out of the academic basement as an "expert on viral marketing."

  2. brianenigma says:

    Are the sandwiches still there to be stolen? I'd much rather have a giant prop sandwich than a giant prop marijuana leaf!

    • nosrialleon says:

      After they're done with the giant prop marijuana leaf, they'll be back for the giant prop sandwich. And any giant prop Cheetos that happen to be on hand.

  3. hexapod says:

    I love you jwz for the LIGHT you bring into my dark LIFE.

  4. Yes, I enjoy the show as well, thought I'm not quite buying the DEA-agent boyfriend thing this season...

  5. ha , this was just down the road from me.

    billboards gone now , it was last months campaign.
    sad to see it go.
    - they stole the sandwiches too then the ad company put out a call on some of the local forums to return them.

    that particular position has been the site of some of the more colourful culturejamming/vandalism/retribution in Auckland in the recent era, particuarly during the last election when it was hosting the countenance of the National Party (conservative)leader - this would probably have been the instigation for the surveillance cameras now trained on it.