Blackbeard Rugged Brand


8 Responses:

  1. duskwuff says:

    <lj user=ursulav> is just that kind of awesome.

  2. Hilarious! I love it!

  3. everyone would want to use tampons if they came in nifty packaging like that. :D

  4. This is unmanageably awesomely exactly MADE for the Sara!

  5. benediktus says:


    those counteract the still prevailing grubby image of
    menstrual hygiene and connote that menorrhea is
    nothing to be afraid of nor beeing bothered by. arrr!

    insert sail-the-red-sea-pun here..

  6. saltation_lj says:

    "Comes with hand-y applicator (pictured), so you can keep your hands fresh for booty-seizing"

  7. rawdogue says:

    I'd buy em...

  8. Arrr, that was me first day with the hook.