today's market report:

According to the JWZ Bicycle Index, one of today's leading market indicators, bicycles are trading briskly, up 1.0 points from just five months ago.

Our score so far:

    Sep 2006:   stolen from outside Metreon, 4pm
    May 2006:   front wheel stolen from outside Metreon, 1am
    Feb 2006:   stolen from a quiet side street in The Mission, late at night (cut through the rear wheel!)
    Sep 2004:   stolen from outside Metreon, 7pm
    Jul 2002:   handlebars stolen from outside netik's place, 4am
    Jun 2002:   stolen from DNA Lounge back room
    Nov 2000:   stolen from outside the Market @ 3rd BART entrance, 5pm
    1991-ish:   somewhere in Berkeley

If I'm eyeballing this graph right, I think the asymptote is somewhere in early 2008: at that point, I'll be buying a new bicycle daily.

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