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Tony Scott remaking The Warriors without the theme costumes

Scott revealed that he intends to do away with such warring factions as the Baseball Furies (a bat-wielding group of thugs dressed in makeup and MLB-worthy uniforms), the Punks (chain-wielders in hillbilly overalls) and the Hi Hats (bad-ass mimes wearing top hats). The decision, which will no doubt stir up controversy among die-hard fans currently snatching up newly released "Warriors" action figures at mall stores nationwide, is largely due to the director's recent meetings with actual L.A. gang members, whom he employed onscreen in Domino and intends to use again for "Warriors."

"It's very different from what the original is like. I love the original, but this is a very different tone and a very different feel. The encounters will be more like Kingdom of Heaven. It will be the Warriors stacking up against 3,000 gang members."

"The story is so generic, it's like these guys are at point B and they need to get back to point A," Scott said of the similarities between the two films, which will virtually end after the title, concept and name of at least one major character. "It's contemporary; it's going to look like the L.A. riots, with fires burning after Cyrus gets shot at the beginning.

Which I guess translates to, "Tony Scott makes some shitty gang movie and happens to give it the same name."

Also Domino sucked and Kingdom of Heaven was boring.


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  1. ubiquity75 says:

    Agreed. Why doesn't he make his own gang movie and not align it in any way with the original Warriors?

    A Warriors without the Furies, the mimes and the AC Turnbulls and the like is no Warriors, simply put.

    What a tool.

  2. Gee, yet another useless film remake. Oh, goody.

  3. gutbloom says:

    I have a book right on my hard drive that I've written called "Moby Dick." I did away with the "white whale" thing and changed Moby Dick to a humpback instead of a sperm whale. Modern audiences are much more familiar with humpback whales (see Star Trek) and I want readers to feel "comfortable" while reading the novel. I also reinterpreted Ahab as a female scientologist. You'll be happy to know that Queequeg remains pretty much the same... except for contemporary tatoos.

    • jwz says:

      As your test audience, I advise you to change the whale to a shark, and add a motorcycle.

      • and have Ahab wear a leather jacket and jump over the shark...

        • nightrider says:

          I was thinking...
          Why not make Queequeg a young girl who accidentally stows herself away onboard... I'm thinking Dakota Fanning.

          Plus, instead of Queequeg... doing whatever he was doing in the original (I mean, who cares, really?) give her an Ipod instead. She can charm the shark into being her friend by dangling her earbuds into the ocean. Then, they join forces and open a shark-petting zoo for handicapped children...

  4. spike says:

    Pop Will Eat Itself -- Can U Dig It?
    Hell, yeah!

    As for the new movie... not so much. And I have yet to invest my hard-won pesos in the video game.

  5. sherbooke says:

    Few people know that Top Gun started out as Little Dorritt. The Hunger? Wind In The Willows.

  6. aliasrob says:

    Tony Scott : "Oooh, look at me, I'm soooo street, I know real gangsters! And they're all gonna meet up on a bridge and do a big musical number and hold hands for the end of my picture!"

    Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

  7. twiin says:

    Kingdom of Heaven was boring.

    Clearly, you haven't seen the director's cut.

  8. spikevicious says:

    Tony Scott = Domino
    Ridley Scott = Kingdom of Heaven

  9. fantasygoat says:

    Perhaps someone might consider dressing up as a Fury and going after Tony Scott.