"Wow, Owls!"

Your Band Name Sucks: 50 of the Inexcusably Worst.

(Normally lists like this do not bring the funny.
This, I think, brought the funny.
CAVEAT: I am, at this time, drunk.


19 Responses:

  1. ciphergoth says:

    How did "To Be Confirmed" not make the running?

    • mikefireball says:

      There was a requisite that the bands had to be recognized by AllMusic & Amazon to qualify. Just because there are entirely too many local bands with shitty names. Most of these are worse because they're well known & have started or encouraged trends in bad naming.

  2. most of the lists I have seen along these lines have never really given their reasoning for why, so I appreciate his rationale.

    I also am happy that he didn't include JEWDRIVER as many people who write up these lists have no recollection of SKREWDRIVER or take the time to get the joke...

  3. bifrosty2k says:

    Hrm, not bad, and although I think he could've come up with some worse names, I couldn't have done better because I'm lazy or something.

  4. marmoset says:

    The retarded name Clap Your Hands Say Yeah actually kept me from listening to the band early on, though I ended up quite enjoying the record later.

  5. defenestr8r says:

    i'm surprised he didn't pick on The The.

  6. The idea behind the name of the band, which was originally the name of a song, is simple: a "green day" was how they described a day made up entirely of pot=lol. Which I guess is fine when you're 18 years old, & it's years before stoner humor got popular & annoying...

    Does the author really not realize that stoner humor got popular and annoying before he was born?

  7. dougo says:

    I think it's "....Trail of Dead", not "....Trail of the Dead". Which just confirms how awful their name is.

  8. Dude. Did you KEEP drinking when you got home?

  9. catullus_5 says:

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

    Bad band, worse name. Up Yours Yours Yours.

    • jwz says:

      Look, all of you who see this post and think, "Oh, I know a dumb band name!" --

      Just stop. Stop.

  10. romulusnr says:

    Damn, I was going to make some crack about "jwz finds it funny because most of them are in his music collection" and then I read it. Sometimes RTFA can be a real buzzkill.

    Anyway, I liked the dropped Group X reference.

  11. d1663m says:

    I should have taken your hint that you were drunk and tipped a few back myself. That did not bring the funny for me. YMMV -- that one went nowhere. Now I'm just tired and cranky and missing a chunk of valuable time.