Voice Post Radio

Radio FRNK has finally gone live: a streaming radio station of recent LiveJournal voice posts. This is great. But what it really needs is filters: pitch shifting, slow motion, a vocoder...

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Current Music: Radio FRNK

13 Responses:

  1. fantasygoat says:

    More like the "Um, er, Uh" Channel.

  2. ydna says:

    It also needs "hold" music when it runs out of voice posts.

  3. mark242 says:

    For misanthropists, this is the greatest single thing in the world. Gets your rage going posthaste.

  4. kfringe says:

    And thus we discover that people who call tech support are like that all the time.

  5. spoonyfork says:

    zefrank > Radio FRNK?

  6. g_na says:

    I'm afraid to listen to it.

    Hrm, what about combining LJ radio and telemarketer hold "music"?

  7. mc_kingfish says:

    Not to change the subject or anything, but are we the only two people in The City who didn't go to Burning Dirt?

  8. insomnia says:

    This is great?!

    Scanning old analog calls was great. Why? Because, you could listen in on private conversations... and when they sucked, you could just tune away.

    This, however, is almost as bad as listening to what people say when they're told by a friend that they're being recorded on video and they should say something. It's boring. It's stilted. It's far less interesting than the robotic voice hack you did, because at least that was uniformly listenable, in part because the computer voice was more intelligible than these people's crappy phone recordings, but also because having to write their posts required people to sit down and actually think for a microsecond before they wrote it down and your hack transfered it into speech.

    Maybe it took a concentrated exposure to phoneposts in order to realize it, but in retrospect it appears that phoneposts have empowered thousands of LiveJournal's users to suck. Verily.

  9. gths says:


    I seem to be listening to some bird talking about scanning a book as she does so for 20 minutes. This is strangely compelling.