Top Ten Weirdest Cosmologies

They left out "turtles all the way down".
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  1. ultranurd says:

    I like Smolin's and Greene's bickering back and forth that they've been doing in their books (Elegant Universe (Greene), Three Roads to Quantum Gravity (Smolin), and Fabric of the Cosmos (Greene)). I don't know if Smolin has fired back yet.

    • enigmania says:

      This probably counts. (More extended description here.)

      • ultranurd says:

        I'll have to grab that when it comes out. Physicists arguing about things that they can't prove amuses me, and it's interesting to boot.

        • strspn says:

          It doesn't amuse me. Maybe it used to back in the 80's, but now it just pisses me off. I hate it when the big bang people get all singular on the oscilatory, quasi-steady statists.

  2. xthread says:

    What's weird about the Great Turtle?

    • strspn says:

      The problem is that Occam's razor suggests fewer turtles than it would actually take to make it all the way down.

      • carbonunit says:

        Yes, but the microwave background pattern kinda looks like turtle shell.

  3. jcterminal says:

    i'm disappointed turtles weren't mentioned once.

  4. transiit says:

    At least call it by name: A'Tuin.

    They also left out the elephants.