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Chinese 'anger bar' is a big hit

A bar in eastern China has come up with a novel way of attracting clients - they are allowed to beat up the staff.

The Rising Sun Anger Release Bar in Nanjing lets customers smash glasses, rant and even hit specially trained workers, state media reported.

The owner, Wu Gong, told China Daily that he was inspired to open the bar by his experiences as a migrant worker.

Most of his customers were women working in the service or entertainment industries, he said.

The bar employs 20 men who have been given protective gear and physical training to prepare them for the job. Clients can ask the men to dress as the character they wish to attack.


7 Responses:

  1. netik says:

    I can see it it now! Drunken Monkey's "Beat the shit out of people in the industry night..."

  2. I originally saw 'anger bar' as 'anger bear' and was really hyped as I kept reading, and then realized I misread it. :(

  3. lord_knusper says:

    you do NOT talk about chinese fight club!

  4. korgmeister says:

    Most of his customers were women

    Given my experiences and observation re: females and violence, this does not surprise me at all.

  5. seems similar to the "breakage hosues" in the back of some bars in japan where people pay to go into a small room and throw plates, kick through painting, chainsaw through stuff and hit things with baats and sticks...

  6. Calling it "Rising Sun" makes me think "Gee, bitter about Japan much?"