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Land Walker Japanese Robot Suit

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33 Responses:

  1. fxl says:

    "The plug thing! It's not plugged!" -- Gir

  2. nidea says:

    more of a land shuffler... but it's a shuffle in the walking robot direction, I suppose.

  3. ultranurd says:

    Hah! They made it slide like the old Lego Blacktron walkers!

  4. endico says:

    I'd buy that for a dollar

  5. sfmusiconline says:

    is it just me or does it look an awful lot like the ED-209 form Robocop?

  6. dali_drama says:

    wow, it's the terrifyingly rickety version of the ed209.

    ah, science.

  7. pleaseremove says:

    It's a robot on roller skates.

  8. jakenelson says:

    I, for one, welcome our clumsily-skating robot overlords...

    (Want. it.)

  9. feyandstrange says:

    So it moves slowly on a perfectly flat surface and can't even hold its miniguns steady while doing so? My power wheelchair does better than that.

    Call me when it can go up stairs.

  10. imperator_mei says:

    The new H4 is definitely built on a heavily revised chassis. Every bit as practical as its predecessors but with better parking ability.

  11. baconmonkey says:

    well, japan is facing a rapidly aging population, so I suppose it makes sense for there to be shuffling grandpabots out there.

  12. insomnia says:

    ...and five minutes later, it fell on its mechanized ass.

  13. valentwine says:

    Turns out this is a prototype for Nitro on the new American Gladiators. Wait'll you see The Gauntlet!!!

  14. lars_larsen says:

    If only I had the ability to throw a tennis ball at a cutout of a space invaders alien... MAN I SUCK!

  15. brianenigma says:

    Obviously, it has been mistranslated from the original Japanese into Engrish. A more precise translation is "super fun land shambler with happy rickety racquetball cannons."

    Did that thing ever lift its feet at all? There had to have been a couple of motorized tires in the bottom of the feet as the asphalt wasn't even scraped up. I'd be willing to bet that using wheels would be the easiest way for it to rotate around like it did toward the end--much easier than trying to do the same with hydraulics.

  16. rosefox says:

  17. howie_d_rivet says:

    i will buy the person who can tell me what the cockpit/ hull is made from a drink of their choice. i used to work on the machine it is based on.

    should i give a hint?????

    • wanderlusty says:

      It is made of smugma.

      • wanderlusty says:

        Smugma, n.
        1. The incarnation of your smugness.
        smug smug smug smug smug smug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smugsmug smug smug smug smug

        • wanderlusty says:

          You know how when you look at a word too much it starts to not mean anything anymore? YEAH....

  18. lordshell says:

    Ah, it moves as smooth as extremely unsteady silk.

    This goes to show you that not just American geeks have too much time on their hands.

    The thing I find most amusing is seeing all the people driving around in the background. Nobody even slows down to take a look at the mecha-shamble-bot. I know I'd at least have to rubberneck long enough to go "What the ffffffuck . . .?"

  19. popekosh says:

    Perhaps it has a lethal secret defense mechanism where it crushes its foes with falling sheet metal?

  20. fantasygoat says:

    It would appear that we're safe from robot attacks, for now.

    • kalimdor_wilson says:

      You think that now, but just wait until it shambles over to you and tells you to get the hell off its lawn.

  21. belgand says:

    At least we're making some degree of progress. Though I've always thought that as cool as mechs are the inherent vulnerability of walking robots makes them far too unlikely compared to robotic exoskeleton systems.

    Regardless, that looks like one of the damn coolest toys ever.

    • unstable_geek says:

      I could trip this up by flying around its legs in my speeder thing after harpooning a cable into it......