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Playing with Penetrables: A child plays inside the plastic art work "Penetrables" of Venezuelan artist Jesus Rafael Soto, in front of the Beaux-Arts palais in Mexico City. (AFP/Omar Torres)

Which reminds me of.

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6 Responses:

  1. bassfingers says:

    Oh, so that's where they've gone. That used to be hanging outside of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, TX...

    • wealhtheow says:

      Aha, thought that's what it was. Fun to walk through, except for the niggling feeling that I was picking up a layer of other people's germs and Houston pollution the way a bee picks up pollen.

  2. lars_larsen says:

    They had one of those made out of flourescent string lit by blacklight at the delaware "burning event" this year.

  3. msjen says:

    I was just there! Sadly, the spaghetti was not yet installed.