I assume it's because he's such a huge fan of The Cure

George Bush reads The Stranger

His aides will not tell us what he made of the story of a remorseless killer of Arabs. White House spokesman Tony Snow said Bush "found it an interesting book and a quick read" and talked about it with aides. "I don't want to go too deep into it, but we discussed the origins of existentialism," said Snow. [...] This may be the first time that national security demands an official version of literary criticism. We want a book report!

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  1. mackys says:

    And here I thought you meant Dubya was a fan of Savage Love...

  2. alisgray says:


    In the seventh grade I read that for a book report because it was about the right length and I liked the cover, the ones with the Egyptian headdresses. I do not know what it was doing in the ill-equipped religious middleschool library, but I'm glad it was. Sadly, I got a C on my report (which shocked me) because I couldn't summarize the plot and message in a page and a half. In fact, I think the teacher thought I'd made it up. He'd never heard of Albert Camus, which he pronounced in a way that still amuses me.

    Remember when the singles collection Standing on a Beach came out with warning labels about misinterpretation?

  3. xenogram says:

    Whatever he reads, it amounts to the same.

  4. mysterc says:

    I didn't know that book had pretty pictures to hold Dubya's attention when the big words got to be to hard. I bet his aides glued pictures from "one fish two fish" inside

    • king_mob says:

      Some friends of mine and I were speculating earlier about the Dick and Jane's "My First Existential Crisis" translation.

      I'm more just kind of amused that he read the Frenchest book ever. Betcha anything he starts smoking Gitanes and staying up late with Edith Piaf records.

    • jwz says:

      ...muslim fish, jew fish?

      • ammutbite says:

        Red state, blue state
        They voted for you state

        I'm kinda thinkin' this "origins of existentialism" discussion might push Dubya to try Kafka's The Trial next... unless he already has and that's the idea behind secret detention facilities.

        • sherbooke says:

          I was thinking Pinter. Lots of role models there.

          Then there's Conrad and Celine.

          He'd never make it to Nietzsche before some sort of implosion took place.

  5. lars_larsen says:

    And all this time I thought our foreign policy was dictated by "my pet goat".

  6. sherbooke says:

    I don't think it's a coincidence that the US is currently sucking up to France's delusions to try and get them to head the UN "peace-keeping" force in Southern Lebanon. Not many nations are willing to put their troops forward as targets for the Israelis, so every little helps.