Give my regards to 1983.

Who is this fabulous new hipster band I hear in the trailer for Marie Antoinette? Oh, it's Gang of Four, Natural's Not In It. Who's this next band? They sound very emo and modern. Oh, it's New Order, Ceremony.

It looks very pretty, but I do not think this will be a good film.

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  1. ultranurd says:

    My understanding is they've been getting some criticism for using period costumes, but not period music or dialogue.

    • jabberwokky says:

      As far as I can tell, period dialogue in movies generally consists of actors using British accents. It's amazing how many Romans spoke the Queen's English (or vague attempts at it).

      I'm actually quite happy with actors speaking in their own accent when portraying a character who would normally speak in a foreign language... assuming they actually act with their voices. Conveying the character is key; I have no particular love of the device of French nobility being painted with British accents and/or language that would be used in England at the time. Full period French plus subtitles would also be nice, but that's a different choice and would make for a different movie.

      Having said all that, I do not mind how British and American accents are mixed in the trailer, presumably guided by the actor's own accent. The heavy French accent used once was a bit jarring. Perhaps the actress was French? A mismash of fake accents without reason would be annoying.

      • ultranurd says:

        I would definitely love more period movies to be in the language of the time, with subtitles. One thing I thought was interesting is that a lot of Chinese movies set during the Warring States period, like Hero, typically use modern Mandarin. They don't go back to some Shakespearean mode or something like we might.

  2. pnendick says:

    Owning Substance by Joy Division has precluded me from needing to own any of the new, cool bands' CD's be it Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand or whatever. Well, that's not fair. The new bands still pale in comparison. I dunno if that makes presciently cool or just old.

    My un-spent fortunes for a new band that actually creates something new...

    • jmtd says:

      "Ceremony" seems popular at the moment. It was in the trailers for "Life Aquatic" but I don't remember it in the actual film. I heard it as the introduction to a program about escort agencies a couple of days ago, too.

      If you only own substance you're missing out: Considering they released so little, Joy Division did a great job of spreading their best work out. Without substance you'd miss Transmission / Dead Souls / Love Will Tear Us Apart, but without Unknown Pleasures you're missing everything, well, everything on the album (She's Lost Control is a re-recording on Substance).

      • pnendick says:

        Well I actually do have all the Joy Division albums. I was just being pedantic. But I think you're enthusiasm has rather proven my point. Not only does Joy Division's music "fit into our times" or something, it retains a depth and breadth that new bands rarely attain. Oh now I knowI'm old....great.

  3. ladykalessia says:

    The montage of shoeboxes and artistic desserts, crowned by holographic backed swarovski crystal jewelry almost made me gag. The REST of the costuming is fantastic - right down to the corsetry, the millinry, and the stockings - but it's quite obvious to me just from the trailer that they're trying to sculpt history for some purpose of their own.

    I may buy it, and watch it muted when it comes out of DVD, but hearing all those actors who actually gave enough of a shit to act with some sort of accent, contrasted with the blatant American one ruined the stupid trailer and would probably ruin the movie for me too.

    I have to wonder if the sound track is also going to be all 80's favorites, or if that's mostly to draw in a certain demographic.

    • evan says:

      Why does the accent matter? It's not an authenticity thing -- these people all would've been speaking French, right? It seemed to me it was intentional, as a good translation of how a foreigner would sound, but that's my 30-second impression.

      • jwz says:

        How are we supposed to know who the bad guys are if they don't have English accents?

      • ladykalessia says:

        I suppose in some sense you're right, though I could quibble historical things about the upbringing of children of a noble house.

        I suppose it was more jarring for me because it wasn't *just* Antionette - there were a few random male voices in the trailer that were so very coarsely American, and those that were had decidedly "modern" diction.

        Bah. I've just done too much period theater for too long. Someone give the girl a vocal trainer.

  4. baconmonkey says:

    Just because her name is "Paris", doesn't nmean she's french. Plus she never covered herself that much.

  5. jwm says:


    Hmm. The opening piece is an Aphex Twin piece (the first track off disc one of Drukqs). I wonder if the songs in the trailer are actually in the film at all...


  6. zapevaj says:

    1983 is the year I was born.