For what it's worth, which is "not much", it's pretty clear that this is a case of them half-assedly cutting-and-pasting our flyer, rather than just coincidentally ripping off the same source that we did.
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  1. rivetpepsquad says:

    OoooOOOooo, I don't remember you saying it was a GAY nightclub?

    I want us all to take a moment to imagine for ourselves what their go-go dancers would look like.

    • jwz says:

      I'll bet it's a 50-capacity country-western bar and doesn't have room for gogo dancers. Feel the heat.

      • rivetpepsquad says:


        And just because there's no room for gogoing, doesn't mean it doesn't HAPPEN, honey.


        • jwz says:

          I didn't even know where Fresno was. Then I looked, and it's not even on the way to anywhere...

          Well, I wish them all the luck that I wish to our Canuckistani friends, whom I intend to sue just as soon as I have $60k that I don't need.

          • rivetpepsquad says:

            I just went and looked, too.
            Looks vaguely like that ARMPIT region I keep hearing so much about!

            I wonder how new that is--I don't remember that being there!
            Where the fuck are OUR champagne wishes and caviar dreams, Jamie??

          • sfmusiconline says:

            unfortunately not only do I know where Fresno is, I have been there, a lot. Its a 1 part strip mall and 2 parts orange grove. It's also where about 70% of the meth in this state is produced...

            Freaky sad place...

          • fantasygoat says:

            Been there. Standard generic scenester bar. There is no likelihood of it being mistaken for yours.

            Anyway, "DNA" is hardly what I call the most original name ever. In fact I'm almost positive there was a DNA in Toronto in the 70's.

            • jwz says:

              When they opened, they were using our logo. And we own the trademark.

              • fantasygoat says:

                Ha! That's pretty hilarious. I mean, what kind of asshats would have the balls to do that?

                I do wonder if your trademark applies up here, though.

        • structurefall says:

          i once witnessed jeffree star hitting on <lj user="nerozero">. it was horrifying, let me tell you.

      • baconmonkey says:

        google satelite pic makes it look like a used car lot.

        "With a new sound system and light show, the small dance floor was the place to be with the DJ's spinning the latest dance music from around the world."


        "Fresno's hottest gay establishment. Located at Blackstone and Bremer Avenue, just of off Hwy 180. Large outside patio, two pool tables, as many as three dance floors depending on the night. This club is 21 and over only. Cover charge applies most nights."

    • symbion_pandora says:

      i think i should gather our go-go troupe and kick some ass...while wearing skimpy blue undies of course.

      • rivetpepsquad says:

        Somebody bring a videocamera, PLZ!

      • purple_b says:

        Ouch! That made me laugh so hard I think I broke something.
        The image of you girls bursting in to Deja Vu and demanding a walkoff with their gogo dancers.

  2. baconmonkey says:

    the website lists wednesdays as "rewind wednesdays"

  3. mysterc says:

    The image and phrase "pop roxx" is in regular usage for this venue and...
    The flyer advertising this event is substantially simialar to the flyer and handbills in regular usage for DNA Lounge and
    Fresno sucks and is the ass end of nowhere.

    We demand that Deja Vu nightclub, its owners, promoters, management et al. Cease and desist usage of all images and verbiage; in print, on-line and in other media formats immediately and completely so as to not cause confusion, nor loss of revenue[potential and real], nor undue stress from being associated with "Fresno".

    Failure to comply with this notice may result in further legal action, or the security crew going into Fresno with pipes, vice grips, and a blow torch.

    "you hear that Deja Vu? We about to get medieval on your Asses!"

    Oh wait, its a gay club? Travis!! handle that.

  4. gordonzola says:

    Dude, it's Fresno. Leave 'em alone. Just by its existence it's probably the third funnest thing ever to happen there after the Forestiere Underground Gardens and the Frigidettes.

    • sfmusiconline says:

      The underground gardens are pretty cool and the only thing other than my ex girlfriend that lived there, worth doing in hell...

  5. mc_kingfish says:

    Hey!!! Their gay club-night ripped-off _our_ gay club-night!

    Dude, that is so _whack_!