For what it's worth, which is "not much", it's pretty clear that this is a case of them half-assedly cutting-and-pasting our flyer, rather than just coincidentally ripping off the same source that we did.
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  1. OoooOOOooo, I don't remember you saying it was a GAY nightclub?

    I want us all to take a moment to imagine for ourselves what their go-go dancers would look like.

  2. baconmonkey says:

    the website lists wednesdays as "rewind wednesdays"

  3. mysterc says:

    The image and phrase "pop roxx" is in regular usage for this venue and...
    The flyer advertising this event is substantially simialar to the flyer and handbills in regular usage for DNA Lounge and
    Fresno sucks and is the ass end of nowhere.

    We demand that Deja Vu nightclub, its owners, promoters, management et al. Cease and desist usage of all images and verbiage; in print, on-line and in other media formats immediately and completely so as to not cause confusion, nor loss of revenue[potential and real], nor undue stress from being associated with "Fresno".

    Failure to comply with this notice may result in further legal action, or the security crew going into Fresno with pipes, vice grips, and a blow torch.

    "you hear that Deja Vu? We about to get medieval on your Asses!"

    Oh wait, its a gay club? Travis!! handle that.

  4. gordonzola says:

    Dude, it's Fresno. Leave 'em alone. Just by its existence it's probably the third funnest thing ever to happen there after the Forestiere Underground Gardens and the Frigidettes.

  5. mc_kingfish says:

    Hey!!! Their gay club-night ripped-off _our_ gay club-night!

    Dude, that is so _whack_!