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  1. rly says:

    Everyone in <lj user="rusty_cunts"> would be interested in this, you should post it there.

  2. _the_deuce_ says:


  3. omni_ferret says:

    Oooh, cool, Death Note cosplay!

    I've been borrowing issues of the manga from a friend. Each volume manages to veer off in an unexpected direction. Enjoyable, remarkably internally consistent & creepy, etc.

    • srattus says:


      I remember grabbing it but not looking.

      it must be fandom prone.

      I'm having trouble deciding which amuses me more. riotous shaved clits or gothic muppets.

      • pavel_lishin says:

        riotous shaved clits for the win, of course.

        in every way imaginabl.

      • omni_ferret says:

        I only know one other fan, but apparently there's been a very popular movie...

        Nice icon!

        Oh, and check out <lj user="fantasygoat">. More curated photo goodness.

  4. quercus says:

    The mask is a good touch.

    After all, you wouldn't want to be recognised afterwards.

  5. ex_sonjaaa says:

    Cute! It's Michael Jackson.

  6. korgmeister says:

    Someone takes being a goth seriously!

  7. baconmonkey says:

    and here I thought you hated posting pictures of yourself online?

  8. benediktus says:

    ...looks like somebody is getting a warm enema (sweet'n'sour).

  9. dossy says:

    "Bring out the gimp."

  10. merenight says:

    wow, that is the best shinigami costume!
    I've yet to see the movie...*sadness*

    • carus_erus says:

      Dude, I'd like totally like your autograph. Oh, I'm out of paper, can you just use that book you have there?


      I managed to get up to #70 or so before it becoming a bit overwhelming. I should pick it up again.

  11. kimberley66 says:

    The Joker gone Goth

  12. rapier1 says:

    What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong with these people?

    • jwz says:

      You mean all the fucking furries reading my journal who already knew what that was?


      • kungfupolarbear says:

        and here I thought it was this guy

      • rapier1 says:

        and here I was, trying to be polite...

      • valacosa says:

        Furries? Huh. I didn't make the connection; that looks more like a bird. Didn't know furry-ism extended past mammals and to birds who, as far as I know, do not possess fur. You're right, that is crazy.

        I read your blog because I find it educational. Sad to say, but I have it filed under "news". Seriously.

      • albino_minako says:

        It has nothing to do with furries, its from a comic. You like to sound smart, I think.