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There are a bunch of new photo galleries up:

My favorite skit at the Drag Kings contest was definitely "L. Ron Hubby", because, while it wasn't particularly draggy, you just can't go wrong when making fun of Scientology, and when your Xenu Dancer has Elmo-heads for boobs... well that just takes it to the next level (OT III, I think). The other acts were pretty entertaining too; I thought it was better than last year.


you know, "grittier"

Tony Scott remaking The Warriors without the theme costumes

Scott revealed that he intends to do away with such warring factions as the Baseball Furies (a bat-wielding group of thugs dressed in makeup and MLB-worthy uniforms), the Punks (chain-wielders in hillbilly overalls) and the Hi Hats (bad-ass mimes wearing top hats). The decision, which will no doubt stir up controversy among die-hard fans currently snatching up newly released "Warriors" action figures at mall stores nationwide, is largely due to the director's recent meetings with actual L.A. gang members, whom he employed onscreen in Domino and intends to use again for "Warriors."

"It's very different from what the original is like. I love the original, but this is a very different tone and a very different feel. The encounters will be more like Kingdom of Heaven. It will be the Warriors stacking up against 3,000 gang members."

"The story is so generic, it's like these guys are at point B and they need to get back to point A," Scott said of the similarities between the two films, which will virtually end after the title, concept and name of at least one major character. "It's contemporary; it's going to look like the L.A. riots, with fires burning after Cyrus gets shot at the beginning.

Which I guess translates to, "Tony Scott makes some shitty gang movie and happens to give it the same name."

Also Domino sucked and Kingdom of Heaven was boring.


Spotlight blows again

Dear Lazyweb,

So, Spotlight is (again) not indexing everything. I did the thing that fixed it the last time this happened (reboot, mdutil -E /, wait over night) and that seemed to only make it worse. Then I tried
find / -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -n 1 mdimport
and that seemed to help somewhat, but there's still a ton of stuff missing.

In particular: I'm looking at a mail folder; I see that one of the (very old, unselected) messages has "xmatrix" in the subject. I type "xmatrix" into a Spotlight window, and a couple of messages match, but not that one. Then I select that message in Mail.app, and suddenly it shows up as a result in the Spotlight window. Repeatable with other common words.

Any idea how I fix this?

10.4.7 iMac, Intel, only one drive (internal).

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For what it's worth, which is "not much", it's pretty clear that this is a case of them half-assedly cutting-and-pasting our flyer, rather than just coincidentally ripping off the same source that we did.
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