Stupid computers. Dear Lazyweb, I'm scanning prints now, using a borrowed Epson Perfection 1670 (and Intel iMac). What's the easiest software to use for this (that doesn't cost money)?

I'm using the Epson Scan plugin for Photoshop now, but it makes Photoshop crash about one time in five. It also means a lot of clicking (defaults to saving as PSD instead of JPEG every time; makes me type each file name instead of it just incrementing a number).

The standalone Epson Scan program crashes at startup.

Apple's Image Capture program makes me manually select the crop region every time, plus pick the file name. And it doesn't do dust removal, and seems to scan too light.

Other options?

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Porn Star Republican Governor versus Dominatrix Democrat Governor: FIGHT!

Las Vegas Weekly:

If it seems odd for a porn star who supports the rights of exotic dancers and prostitutes to run as a Republican, Damayo insists that she supports the party, [...] Before her candidacy, Damayo volunteered heavily in the 2004 campaign; she's also treasurer of the local Asian Republican Party. "I'm not the typical ideological Republican," she adds.

She's also not the only gubernatorial candidate with a background in the adult industry. Leola McConnell, who's running as a Democrat, is better known to some as "Mistress Lee," a dominatrix (or "domina," as she prefers to be called) who gained some notoriety when she claimed to have spent time with prominent Republican William Bennett. She also recently issued a press release alleging that she personally witnessed George W. Bush perform a "homosexual act" in 1984.

McConnell, who bills herself as a "liberal Democrat," refused to be interviewed for any story featuring Melody Damayo. "I don't seek attention of that kind or even the most remote connection to that in the slightest," she said in an e-mail. McConnell also pulled out of a recent NPR appearance because Damayo was set to appear on the same program.

Lest we forget, prior art.


"Where's my jetpack?" Here's your damned jetpack.

The Rocketbelt Convention, Sep 23-24.