"causing no harm to the fabric of our universe."

Physicists In Japan Plan To Create New Universe In Lab

A radical new project could permit human beings to create a "baby universe" in a laboratory in Japan. While it sounds like a dangerous undertaking, the physicists involved believe that if the project is successful, the space-time around a tiny point within our universe will be distorted in such a way that it will begin to form a new superfluid space, and eventually break off, separate in all respects from our experience of space and time, causing no harm to the fabric of our universe.

"[T]he baby universe has its own space-time and, as this inflates, the pressure from the true vacuum outside its walls continues to constrain it. As these forces compete, the growing baby universe is forced to bubble out from our space-time until its only connection to us is through a narrow space-time tunnel called a wormhole..."

Eventually, the "umbilical" connection between our space-time and the baby universe would be effectively cut, and the baby universe would enter into its own unique process of unending expansion. From our perspective, it would be lost inside a microscopic "black hole", which will not appear to expand into our space-time. Hawking radiation will be emitted and the tiny black hole will "evaporate", sealing the separation between the two universes.


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"Oh, Bother."

I think you will enjoy these Victorian Obituaries:

Thursday, May 12, 1887
John Snyder, of Bushnell township, Montcalm county, while insane, on the 1st, crushed his wife's head with an axe, killing her instantly.

Thursday, May 12, 1887
Mrs. Chas. Martin, wife of a farmer living near Grand Rapids, poisoned herself and two of her children on the 3d, with "rough on rats."

Thursday, May 12, 1887
A terrible accident occurred in the rolling mill of the Hubbard Iron company, at Hubbard,, Ohio, shortly after 2 o'clock on the morning of the 6th. Engineer Griffith Phillipps, aged 29 years in passing around the ore crusher oiling the bearings, was caught in the wheels and dragged into the crusher. He was mangled out of all semblance of humanity, the flesh adhering to the clogs. He leaves a wife and 3 children.

Thursday, May 19, 1887
At North Branch on the 11th, Alexander Hoy's little son spilled a bottle of carbolic acid over his body. The stuff burned the child from his head to his feet, and he will probably die.

Thursday, June 2, 1887
At Canton, Ohio, last week, Charles Danseizen, a bricklayer, went home drunk and, picking up a butcher-knife six inches long, murdered his wife by stabbing her in the throat. He says she drove him to the deed because she joined the salvation army.

Thursday, November 24, 1887
It is said on the street that Miss Ida Carew, who mashed the patrons of the variety theatre by her song, "You can't do it, you know", died at New Orleans lately.

Thursday, December 8, 1887
Lawrence Finn, a dissipated loafer, attacked his wife last week Saturday night with a heavy iron tea kettle he snatched from the stove. He knocked her down, beat her brains out and smashed the kettle in pounding her. The woman's eldest boy witnessed the assault and ran from the house screaming murder. A police officer was found who arrested Finn after he had horribly mutilated his wife's body.

Thursday, December 8, 1887
As August Gunther, an employee of the Hancock chemical works, was driving a nail into a scantling saturated with nitro-glycerine, last week, an explosion occurred, injuring him beyond recovery.

Saturday, March 24, 1888
Over four months ago a mass of molten iron was forced by an explosion into the mouth and throat of Jacob Halemberger, of Reading, Pa. The result was that the passage to the stomach was completely closed, and the man died of starvation.

Saturday, April 14, 1888
Miss Metta Fordham, of Bronson, a music teacher and exceedingly bright young lady, died with measles. When the disease first seized her she told her friends she would never get well.

Saturday, May 12, 1888
John Winter, who died recently at Grand Rapids, is alleged to have said with his dying breath that his wife poisoned him. The woman and her neighbors agree that he died of dissolute habits.

Saturday, June 16, 1888
A Telegram received yesterday morning announced the death of Emporer Frederick William of Germany. He fought a valiant fight for many months, but no human and could stem the tide of the dread disease.

It just goes on and on and on like that! It's huge.

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