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GE Maps censored by French Court

A French court has ordered Greenpeace France to remove a webpage featuring a Google Map showing the location of commercial GE maize fields in France -- despite an EU law which says the government should make the information available to the public.

So today we have responded by carving a giant 'X' crop circle into one of the GE maize fields in question, marking the spot of the GE maize field that is now censored from Greenpeace Frances' webpage.

"As we are now forbidden to publish these maps of GE maize on our webpage, we have gone into the fields and marked the field for real," said Arnaud Apoteker, of Greenpeace France.

Also, Cursor Kite.

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6 Responses:

  1. chaoskitty says:

    I remember seeing that kite on the playa last year off in the was rather cool

  2. evan says:

    Cursor Kite reminds me of Missile Ballons, which was also clever.

  3. momomoto says:

    I'm still not entirely sure how Greenpeace A) gets away with this and B) has somehow avoided being labelled a terrorist organization. Is it just because they haven't killed any people yet?

    • jkow says:

      Now that you're posting it, I wonder myself. But probably that's because people in France don't try to hype any kind of disturbance as being terroristic.

    • 205guy says:

      For those who have not drunk the BushCo cool-aid, terrorism still means the threatening (and killing) of people. Threatening business would seem to fall under racketeering and corruption, like what the mafia is known for. But I can not see how either of those applies to Greenpeace in this (or any other) case.

      In the history of interaction between Greenpeace and the French goverment, the latter seems much more terroristic.

      • momomoto says:

        Ah, my apologies. My aim was not to imply that I even think that Greenpeace is a terrorist organization but that, considering that even taking pictures of public buildings can be seen as a prelude to terrorist activity, it is surprising that nobody else has.

        I guess the problem is that trespassing and whatever equivalent there is to willful destruction of property in France just doesn't have any weight when it comes to punishment.