the truthiness of monkey butter

Last night Stephen Colbert said two words I never thought I'd hear on television:

Monkey Butter.

I guess it's here, but I can't tell since the Comedy Central website is complete shit. (There's a downloadable copy here.)

Dear Lazyweb, I would like:

  1. A copy of the video. Got it, thanks!
  2. To know the trick for downloading videos from Comedy Central when you don't have a WMV plugin. Presumably there's a direct URL somewhere, but I couldn't figure out what it might be.

  3. Where to find a copy of the alleged private-beta of the Flip4Mac plugin that works on Intel Macs.

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14 Responses:

  1. muftak says:

    MMS Ripper should be able to download it.

    • jwz says:

      Since -- as I said -- I can't figure out the URL, whether it be http or mms, that does me no good at all.

      • muftak says:

        I clicked on my mozilla adblock tab to find the URL of the ASX file, then wgetted that and looked it in to find the MMS URL.

        • jwz says:

          The page I'm seeing has no ASX file, it just says "player error" and implores me to run Windows. If there was an EMBED in the page at all, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

  2. cookiedude says:

    how I only registered with Livejournal to tell you I have uploaded a copy of the Flip4Mac plugin here. Enjoy.

  3. rhom says:

    I watched the clip labeled Monkey Butter on the site but it was the Superman bit, and had nothing to do with monkeys or butter. Their webmaster seems to have made an error because the clip right next to it is labeled superman and is the same clip.

  4. bodyfour says:

    The CC website used to work 95% reliably with Filp4Mac on powerpc until a few weeks ago. Then they changed something to add a video ad before each segment plays and now it barely works ever for me.

    It's probably a conspiracy to force me to buy a Daily Show Multi-Pass on iTMS or something.

  5. babasyzygy says:

    The file was up on the Flip4Mac web site for a while. It isn't now - maybe you could shake one lose from them with your webby mojo. That said, it probably wouldn't help you - Comedy Central video clips don't play with it (on my MacBook Pro, at least). The Intel plugin has been pretty hit-or-miss in general, and throwing some applet shit on top of it doesn't help matters.

    (BTW, if for whatever godawful reason you want to know about the Universal binary Flash 9 player, well, it came out friday.)

    To perhaps address your goal more directly, I'm pretty sure some people religiously put AVIs of the Colbert Report up on the torrent sites. You should soon be able to get it from one of the open ones (like if you can't already (I see the June 27th ep up there now). If you want a totally-licensed version, they sell the episodes on iTunes.

    Lastly: It looks like the Daily Show folks had latched onto Monkey Butter by a show two years ago. Don't bother trying to play the Real Media link they provide, it's a dead streamer.

  6. rhom says:

    Here's an XviD/AVI clip of the segment: colbert_monkey_butter.avi (24622 KB).

  7. gregv says:

    So is getting a spike in traffic from curious Googlers now? You're the #1 hit for it, and I know when the Daily Show went through a period of using obscure dirty position names on the air a couple of years ago I just had to Google every one. I learned what some ever so pleasant things were, like a Hot Carl, a Cleveland Steamer, and even had some collateral damage as I learned things they didn't even mention, like a Jersey Turnpike. Thank you internet!

    Still, it made it more funny when they did things like casually asking Republicans visiting NYC for the 2004 convention if they've tried a Hot Carl yet. "No I haven't." "You should try it. Ask a cab driver to take you to where you can get a Hot Carl. I guarantee you... you'll get something you didn't expect."

  8. airstrip_one says:

    > To know the trick for downloading videos from Comedy Central when you
    > don't have a WMV plugin. Presumably there's a direct URL somewhere, but I
    > couldn't figure out what it might be.



    * Firefox
    * Tab Mix Plus
    * MiMMS


    * Click on the video link. A new tab complaining that you are a stubborn old fart that for some strange reason still doesn't love Bill Gates enough will open.
    * Turn off Javascript in the current tab.
    * Check the referring URL. Open it. It is a page with the video you look for embedded (well, actually a ASX file (sent with wrong media type) containing a link to MMS stream).
    * You know what to do next.