fucking vespas.

Make Way for The Sidewalk SUV

On a recent afternoon at Walt Disney World, Dennis Robles was cruising around on an electric "mobility scooter" that the park usually rents out to people with disabilities. Mr. Robles doesn't have a problem walking -- he says he was simply saving up energy for late-night dancing.

"I'm pretty healthy," says the 37-year-old truck driver from Brooklyn, N.Y. "Just lazy, I guess."

[...] When scooter demand outstrips supply at Wal-Mart, greeters "evaluate the situation" and make sure that people using the scooters can demonstrate a legitimate need, according to a company spokesman.

[...] Some entrepreneurs are starting to push the vehicles as bicycles without the pedaling.

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oh, hello

Yesterday I had a visit from a man with a suction cup.

He did not stay long.
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setting title/artist in a MOV file

Dear Lazyweb, how do I set the title/artist in a Quicktime file, from the command line? Basically I want id3tag for movies.

I've tried qt_info from qt_tools but it doesn't work: reads tags but can't set them, even after I recompiled it as Intel instead of PPC.

I know how to do this manually in Quicktime Player (the "Properties" window) but I need to do it in batch on a zillion files.

Presumably there's some AppleScript way to do this, but I can't figure it out.

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A New Pope

A New Pope:
"The still-living brain of the Mighty Keppel
today being carried by the Symbiote Vunt
in his jewel-encrusted ceremonial Stasis Orb..."


hell yeah


obsolete ways of thinking

A while back I converted all of my old-and-decaying VHS tapes full of music videos to DVDs. (Well, all of the tapes that would still play at all, that is.) This was a pain in the butt. Then yesterday I tried to play one of them, and my DVD player wouldn't read it. It looks like the last track is scorched, and for some reason that renders the whole disc unplayable to a PS2 (though the iMac will play most of it).

This has made me see the error of my ways: what the hell was I thinking, trying to store things that I care about on little plastic discs? Haven't I learned this lesson many times over already? Why yes. Yes, I have. I should have been storing them as normal files in my well-backed-up home directory all along, just like I do with music.

So of course I didn't save the original intermediate files, and find myself re-ripping from the DVDs I burned. (Well, I still have the VHS tapes, but I doubt I'm going to lose any perceptible quality by ripping from the DVDs, and that's faster).

What's the difference between MPEG4 and H.264? The files that Handbrake writes seem to be the same size (around 7MB/minute), but the Quicktime Player interface seems more responsive when playing H.264 than MPEG4.

I suppose it would be pointless to save the video at any resolution higher than 320×240, given the source material? Or might that lose detail, given how many trips through the encoding ringer they've made now?

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this should be an easy question, but I'm sure I'll drown in stupid answers anyway

Dear Lazyweb,

I have an unencrypted DVD-R (originally burned with iDVD).

I would like to put it in my iMac and end up with a separate Quicktime file for each track on the DVD.

  • By "track" I mean "what the next track button on the remote control does".
  • By "quicktime" I mean: some sane, standalone format for movies, e.g., Sorensen+AAC, not some DVD-oriented VIDEO_TS nonsense.

If you have something to say that doesn't work on MacOS, or that requires me to spend money, or that solves some problem that is not what I asked but that kind of reminds you of what I asked, I implore you to keep it to yourself.

Answer: Handbrake works good.

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An extention cord shaped like fish skeleton, with a male plug at its head and a female plug at its tale.

Bowfish. Fishbone bow. The spinal column stretches by drawing a bow.

Pistol-grip-operated ventriloquist dolls. The thirteenth week fetus speaks by pulling the trigger.

Automatic electric harp with optional timing. Two fins pick the harp-strings as the head spins.


Many machines on Ix, new machines.

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