mark your calendars

These are the things you should probably be doing in the next few months:

Thu, Jul 27:   Buzzcocks @ Mezzanine 
Undecided on this one... I'm thinking "probably not".
Fri, Jul 28:   The Red Nose District Hullabaloo @ DNA Lounge 
There will be dirty, dirty clowns. Recommended.
Fri, Jul 28:   X + Rollins Band @ Warfield 
Rollins Band: bleh. However, X: amazing live.
Sat, Jul 29, 30:   Marisa @ Supperclub 
Supperclub is cooler than it sounds. The food is good, and phreddiva is singing there this weekend, so now's a good time to check it out.
Sat, Jul 29:   Pop Roxx with The Faraday Effect @ DNA Lounge 
Everybody loves the Pop Roxx.
Sun, Jul 30:   Dresden Dolls @ Warfield 
Warfield is too big for them, but it might be worthwhile anyway.
Sun, Jul 30:   Dresden Dolls Film Festival @ Bridge Theatre 
This could either be cool, or be like the movie version of fanfic. Dresden Dolls fans tend toward the creepy.
Fri, Aug 04:   Bloc Party @ Greek Theatre 
The album is decent. The Greek is tolerable, as stadiums go.
Mon, Aug 07, 08:   Tricky @ The Independent 
I saw Tricky once before and he was amazing.
Mon, Aug 07:   Editors @ Fillmore 
Liz says go.
Sat, Aug 19:   Gary Numan @ Fillmore 
Saw him a few years ago, he was also very good.
Fri, Aug 25:   Fischerspooner @ Mezzanine 
Tue, Sep 12:   Snog @ DNA Lounge 
Wed, Sep 13:   Stiletta (opening) @ BOTH 
Thu, Sep 14:   Nitzer Ebb @ Slim's 
Fri, Sep 15:   Groovie Ghoulies @ BOTH 
Sat, Sep 16, 17:   Vast @ Red Devil Lounge 
Sat, Sep 16:   Phenomenauts @ BOTH 
Mon, Sep 18, 19, 20:   Human League @ Red Devil Lounge 
Fri, Sep 22:   Massive Attack @ Greek Theatre 
Sat, Sep 23:   Miss Kittin @ Mezzanine 
Last time she was DJing; dunno if this is a real show.
Thu, Oct 05:   Adult @ Mezzanine 
I hear they're great live.
Mon, Oct 16:   Ladytron @ Fillmore 
They were great last time.
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27 Responses:

  1. Dresdon Dolls are playing the Warfield this Sunday (7/30) opening for Panic at the Disco...

    their website has them in Germany in August...

    unless you know something i dont?

    • jwz says:

      I guess I entered the date wrong. Why people can't spell out the fucking month name instead of using numbers I'll never know. After all these years my brain still has no hash table mapping "8" to "Aug" so I have to count it out on my fingers every single time.

      • evan says:

        In Japanese+Chinese, they use numbered months. In Chinese, even the days of the week are named "week-day-1, week-day-2". Language of the future!

        Unfortunately, at least the Japanese still sometimes describe years in terms of the emporers. So instead of 1974 it's joe-bob-year-3.

        • jwz says:

          Man, I hope it's not the language of the future -- the day-numbering is nice, but even putting that in their column, they've got a lot to answer for in terms of Unicrud alone...

  2. bodyfour says:

    > Sat, Jul 29: Pop Roxx with The Faraday Effect @ DNA Lounge

    Also featuring guest DJ Apollo

  3. matt_od says:

    you know... i thought that fischerspooner's first album was kind of fun... so i went with kirsten to see them. the show was horrible. the lip syncing was funny for around 10 minutes, thirty minutes into it... no longer funny.

  4. rsdio says:

    Sold out! Why didn't you say something earlier!

  5. dr_memory says:

    Has Amanda stopped using major historical tragedies as metaphors for breaking up with her boyfriends yet? I keep wanting to buy the new album and being stopped cold by the possibility that it's going to be twelve straight tracks of "our communications problems remind me of the Donner Party."

    • bwahahahahahah.

      you, sir, owe me a new keyboard.

      seriously, truce traumatized tyou that badly? i can't recall any other times she did that...

      • dr_memory says:

        seriously, truce traumatized tyou that badly?

        I think the word you were searching for is 'annoyed'.

        i can't recall any other times she did that...

        The last line of "Jeep", which is actually the less forgivable of the two.

        • oh, you're right.

          i haven't listened to the jeep song all the way through in a while... a) i've been overdosing on the new album and b) it's a little too close to home...

  6. ceaderwin says:

    YAY!!!! Gary Numan, I think I just pee'd myself a little ;P

  7. pete23 says:

    i'd recommend nitzer ebb. their london show was amazing (in a kind of "largely sequenced apart from the percussion but deeply shouty and good"), although that might have been the "home crowd" effect...

  8. deificar says:

    Do you already have tickets to Tricky? I would LOVE to go see him as well.

  9. phreddiva says:


  10. otterley says:

    Beware; the Red Devil Lounge is quite possibly the worst venue ever. Yes, even worse than Maritime.

  11. defenestr8r says:

    I also say "go" to Bloc Party. I am seeing them (again) at the Greek here the night before and will hopefully catch you on IM that day with a full report.

    And Peaches is well worth seeing that weekend if you can get tickets (and you like her). I don't think the Eagles of Death Metal are your thing, but they are opening and they are fun live.

  12. whittles says:

    From what I understand, the Film Festival shows are off the hook. Much more entertaining and much more intimate feel. I'm sad that I'm missing both of these.